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The style of translation talking about a mouth remembers a law
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1.Write less delimit more. Delimit line is faster than writing a script. Line image, be equivalent to " semi-manufactured goods " of the interpreter, conduce dragoman takes notes soon, the mouth gives translation. Line should use as far as possible below two kinds of circumstances:
Express movement and dynamic expressions. For instance, develop " on behalf of " with the diagonal that rise, "Increase " , "Ascensive " , "Farther " ; The diagonal that falls below reduces " on behalf of " , "Drop " , "Exasperate " is waited a moment.
Express the expressions of cause and effect or connection. For instance, because,represent " with a line / so " , "After … " , "Before … " , in order to reflect a related concern between fluctuation around.
2.Little word much meaning. The note of a word does not exceed nurturance the habit of a word. There is many vocabulary in Chinese is by two, or the word composition of two above. Should see only among them one, your short-term memory should can fill Qi Jiyu's word. Need not write more. For instance, "Chinese " writes a " in " at most. "Beijing " writes a " north " at most. English word also is the same as manage processing. "Politics" writes "poli" at most, "Government" writes "gov" at most, etc. Additional, need education to interact in order to take notes with memory; See a word can speak a few words, even the ability of a string of word. Below the case that has context, this is not difficult. For instance, talk about Chinese recent situation, hear " reform, open " writes down a " to change " word, speak not hard from inside short-term memory textual. Hear "British Prime Minister Tony Blair" , write down "PM" , can speak as much textual.
3.Little line points to more. General one group line / mark. What be familiar with originally in oneself otherwise is Chinese and English besides, make up a code of him unfamiliar article to use again, can bring about need to want to use the case of which symbol, be just the opposite to what one wished.
4.Little horizontal stroke is much more perpendicular. Adopt from on downward record of structure of a flight of stairs, use the transverse record when be being written normally less as far as possible. System of land of figure of structure of a flight of stairs reveals the logistic structure of context, simplified the thinking process of dragoman, convenient give translation.
5.Write quickly. The Chinese character that must develop oneself writes a system quickly. Oral interpretation note is he looks completely, and the internal energy that needs a few minutes only is understood go. After stroke of a lot of Chinese characters decreases, do not affect affirm. What tell here is not illegible, however besides actual oral interpretation often must illegible besides, take a moment, the exercise medium or the commonly used word in oral interpretation job considers, look how to can reduce stroke, or straighten stroke, brushstroke becomes a word.
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