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General rule of law of interpret of English of title of origanization constructi
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General rule of law of interpret of English of title of origanization construction, post

1 limits
This standard set the general principle of law of interpret of English of title of origanization construction, post.
The English interpret law that this standard applies to address of origanization construction name, origanization construction and functionary title.

Citation of 2 compasses plasticity
The clause in following file makes the provision of this part through the adduction of this standard. The citation that always fixes date, its subsequently all modification sheet (the content that does not include correct errors in printing) or revised edition all does not apply to this standard, however, encourage each research that comes to an agreement according to this standard to whether can use the newest version of these files. The citation that always does not fix date, its latest edition applies to this standard originally.
GB/T 16159 Chinese Phonetic Alphabet accidence is basic and regular
DB11/T 334 is public general rule of law of interpret of bilingual label English
DB11/T 334.1 is public transportation of way of way of interpret of bilingual label English

3 main demands
3.1 English word should use beautiful type spelling.
Initial of real intention word is great in name of 3.2 origanization construction, the initial after hyphen “-” is great, for example: Sub-District.
When 3.3 posts title serves as proper-noun, initial of real intention word is great, the initial after hyphen “-” is great.
Usage of 3.4 Chinese Phonetic Alphabet should accord with the requirement of GB/T 16159.

Law of interpret of 4 origanization construction

Law of interpret of 4.1 current terms
4.1.1 committee
Committee but interpret is Commission or Committee.
Opposite independence, assume the committee that certain general comfortable sex governs function general interpret is Commission, for example: Beijing teachs committee, interpret is Beijing Municipal Commission Of Education.
It is in some administration area, under some orgnaization set branch or agency only general interpret is Committee, for example: Area of garden of ZhongGuanCun science and technology runs committee, interpret is Management Committee Of Zhongguancun Science And Technology Park.
4.1.2 bureaus
Bureau interpret is Bureau. City class bureau and area (county) class bureau all interpret is Bureau, level attribute is stated by context, for example: Bureau of Beijing business affairs, interpret is Beijing Municipal Bureau Of Commerce. Beijing east bureau of business affairs of the city zone, interpret is Dongcheng District Bureau Of Commerce Of Beijing Municipality.
4.1.3 management committee
The interpret of administration property is Administrative Committee or Administration, for example: A bow drawn to the full of  of  thing full front of a Chinese gown cuts heir of this ┦ raw meat or fish into parts  of Zhai of Fei of Nuo She  is by? interpret Administration Of Tian’anmen Area Of Beijing Municipal People’s Government.
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