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Explore novel name is translated
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The autograph of a work, want concentrate on the main points not only, and want concise palpability. But an implied meaning is profound, "Establish a few words with bureau the good inscribe one's name that wants " , accomplish in one move by no means, it is the course considers repeatedly, ceaseless deliberate, ability is final of denominate. "It is difficult to establish a title, interpret title is more difficult " . Fu Lei is in " tall old man " the use consecutively in heavy translation foreword 8 " are different " : Of parts of words of two countries character different, of syntax structure different, grammatical with the habit different, of law of figures of speech different, of viewpoint angle different, custom tradition differs devotionally, of social setting different, those who behave a method is different. This shows, want body spirit to hold concurrently those who provide becoming interpret of ground of equivalence of " of " a few words another mandarin word is difficult and heavy, move full head to also be at a loss what to do sometimes even. But " translates always be a kind of creativity to betray " , translator itself also is undertaking creating. Same department work may have different translation in the wording and purpose of what one writes of different translator, sometimes translator can change interpret to what original work has just right conciously. It is especially when novel title and movie title interpreter, in exposing atmosphere of Yu Yuan language as far as possible to help the person that accept, translator often is opposite according to oneself the understanding that opens a work, film undertakes be creatinged again. "Get its choice and forget its are thick, outside be inside its and forgetting its. "Of course this kind of creation is not boundless absolutely, because ultimate goal of the interpreter is " ,use in interpret language most close to and the information of primitive of the most natural quits language emersion. "The article is opposite only the interpreter of name of novel of China and foreign countries, express the my opinion of shallow, pass the film that adapts for calligraphy or painting model with the novel at the same time, will analyse its title to whether want to correct the problem of interpret.

One, word of apply mechanically idiom, idiom, poem
Good interpret subject can help native reader approach original work from mentally as soon as possible not only, still can grace for original work many. Word of the idiom with hep place of reader of apply mechanically homeland, idiom, poem serves as corresponding interpret to make a subject, this is one of the commonnest methods changing interpret. Its purpose is to cater to this ethical reader group culture state of mind and accept a habit. If Rob is special,• Pan Hua Lun writes a novel that the name is All The King's Men. Interpret is somebody " is it possible that Wang Chen " . Interpret inscribes apply mechanically " on God's earth, is it possible that Wang Tu, those who lead earth bank, is it possible that Wang Chen. "The idea that communicated primary problem properly already accumulate, make Chinese reader again times feeling is friendly. Must admire the pen that the god of translator comes to. But can you deny calm film translated term or name completely at this point " contemporary a person who achieves high position by unscrupulous scheming " ? Indeed, title interpreter gets the very big limitation of original title, but also should make the audience saw title long to be seen for fast. If purpose language audience is to do not have certain history knowledge, or the person of literary accomplishment, so " of very bad real experience is it possible that the real intention of Wang Chen " , also lost the real value that film name exists.
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