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The culture idea that Yan Fu translates a standard accumulate
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Yan Fu once put forward “ to the interpreter letter, amount to, the standard of elegant ” : “ interpret thing 3 difficult: Letter, amount to, elegant. Beg its to believe already catastrophe, gu Xin do not amount to, although interpret still not interpret also, amount to Shang Yan. ”“ " easy " say: ‘ is rhetorical stand sincere. ’ child say: ‘ demit is amounted to just. ’ says again: Of ‘ character without civil, go and not far. ’ the right path of 3 Zhe Naiwen chapter, i.e. is interpret thing model. Cause letter, amount to and outside, beg its Er is elegant. ”These 3 standards of Yan Fu are not to say casually of course, the requirement that raises after he is cogitative however. Because the interpreter of severe duplicate person is right China is latter-day mind extent and the tremendous influence that translate a bound, these 3 standards became the basic principle that interpreter bound is approbated generally and accepts later.
But actually here has a problem. Health promising once evaluated “ the style of translation highly and the world counts Yan Lin ” , and the Yanfu of home of these two interpreters that produced tremendous effect to culture of Chinese latter-day thought and Lin Shu, its the style of translation with respect to all not “ believes ” . The most outstanding example is two books that can weighs to severe, Lin Yi writes example: " the weather plays theory " and " Parisian camellia female incidents of past ages " , former it is Yan Furong interpret, note, theory, commentate the ” of “ translate freely that is an organic whole, latter is the Lin Shu that does not know foreign language completely the report according to others, and give birth to beautiful pen to adapt with his, it is literature is created again actually. With respect to Yanfu, also can saying each his interpret is written almost is ” of “ translate freely, this, do not accord with the translator that we say today to faithful and textual requirement.
This kind of circumstance forefathers is actually early had pointed out. Lu Xun says Yan Fu “ was built " the weather plays theory " the creative work that this “ weather performs ”—— to should be regarded be him by ” ; Feng Youlan says clearly: “ Yan Fu is translated " the weather plays theory " , not be an interpreter actually, rescript according to the meaning of original book however pass. Literal detailed has greatly between weight slightly different, and the comment that Yan Fu still has him himself, produce his own view. So of Yan Fu " the weather plays theory " not be Hexuli " evolution and ethics " . ”Fu Si year say more impolitely: “ is severe in the book of interpret of a few gentlemen, " the weather plays theory " and " law meaning " worst …… because he never bears the blame to former writer,this is, he bears the blame to oneself only. Mr ”“ severe the sort of method that amounts to aim, cannot be example really, certainly will as to change decree after that already. ”In Fu Si year look, in Yan Fu's interpreter, “ letter, amount to ” to be done not have. Caiyuan earths up elegant to Yan Fu's “ ” to criticize somewhat: “…… his translation, very elegant example, give the learned man that awaits in those days, very read go down. So the book of his place interpret looks now or disrelish a bit old, his the style of translation perhaps also is not Everyman place legibility. ”
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