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Interpreter skill -- add note with paraphrase
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Interpreter skill- - add note
Because English-Chinese culture is put in a lot of difference, term of because this English is medium certain culture does not have quits word at all in Chinese, those who formed acceptation to go up is vacant. Below this kind of circumstance, often should use when Ying Yihan add note a law to make up for vacant. Add note can use the pertinent information such as origin of material of setting of compensatory such as, term normally, facilitating reader understands. Add note a law to be able to be divided add for transliteration note and metaphrase is added note two kinds.
Transliteration is added note after pointing to transliteration, add explanatory sex annotate. Annotate can grow but short, can use the explanatory note in article, also can use footnote, still but both is operable. For example: Cartoon cartoon film
Hamburger hamburger
Benz runs quickly carClone clone (method of breed of a kind of asexuality)Sauna mulberry that bath (result from a kind of Finnish Turkish bath)Hacker hacker (hit out actively in information vacuum, have the such as pry, process that distort or steals confidential data and program to the computer of other or network system, cause disorder and destructive computer possibly to confuse from this)
Ni Nuo of El Nino ell (phenomenon) (the massive shift of the gale of the maritime space of Pacific Ocean tropics that points to climate of serious effect whole world and seawater)
Bunsen Bunsen burner (a kind of gaslight)
AIDS AIDS (immunity of a kind of sex is short of caustic syndrome)
(1) Hygeia Herself Would Have Fallen Sick Under Such A Regimen; And How Much More This Poor Old Nervous Victim?
According to such the way to keep in good health, never mention it this pitiful old lady, with respect to Lian Jiankang goddess Ha Jiya * also is met diseased.
* Ha Jiya is the healthy goddess in Greek mythology.
(2) Big Ben Is Ringing The Hour. Big bell * is being become should announce the correct time.
The big clock on tower of parliament of * London England.
(3) Pizza Is My Son's Favorite American Food. Pizza is the American food that my son likes most.
(4) New York Was Never Mecca To Me. New York never is the bethel Mecca in my heart.
(5) Like A Son Of Bachus, he Can Drink Up Two Bottles Of Whisky At A Breath.
He resembles Bacchanal Bach simply this son, can drink off at a heat two bottles of whisky.
* Bach this it is ancient Greek mythology medium Bacchanal.
(6) Say You Shoot A Video That You Think Is Particularly Artsy. Beam It Out And Make A Small Fortune By Charging An Untold Number Of Viewers A Fee For Watching. Peter Jennings Would Be Obsolete.
You patted a telefilm that thinks to have artistic value particularly oneself, that will be broadcasted this piece external, make bit of money through collecting fees to countless audiences. Such people need famous news announcer no longer the other party is special · outstanding Ning Si. .
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