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Translate the changeover of middle term
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Because two kinds of languages are in English-Chinese,the respect such as grammar and expressive means is existing a lot of difference, accordingly Ying Yihan often is necessary to change expressive way constantly, make translation pure and clear and coherent and fluent, readable. Skill of this kind of flexible changes a way namely (Shift Of Perspective) . The form of changeover is varied, can divide roughly it is 7 kinds: ① parts of words is changed, ② sentence composition is changed, ③ conveys means changeover, ④ natural word order and install word order changeover; ⑤ front expression and opposite convey changeover, ⑥ is active change with passive type, ⑦ clause is changed.
One, changeover of parts of words
Changeover of parts of words is to point to when to the interpret of some parts of words in English becomes Chinese, be changed into another parts of words.
(one) English noun, preposition, adjective or adverbial changeover are Chinese verb
(1) The Cultivation Of A Hobby And New Forms Of Interest Is Therefore A Policy Of First Importance To A Public Man. Accordingly, the person that undertakes social activity to will tell, develop a kind of hobby and new appeal way, it is crucial countermeasure.
(2) The Red Army Men Marched On Bravely Against The Piercing Wind. The Red Army is risking biting cold wind heroism to advance.
(3) All Were Unconscious That This Experience Was A Test Of Character; And, when The First Excitement Was Over, felt That They Had Done Well, and Deserved Praise. Everybody did not realise this experience is the test of individual character however, after initial excitement goes, feel oneself had worked well again, behoove is praised.
(4) He Appeared At Her Side, breathing Audibly, a Moment After She Reached The Stop. She Gazed Ahead, rigid. She arrives station not a little while, he appears in her beside, hear the voice that he breaths. She is staring ahead, expression is austere.
(5) Yet To Both Classes The Need Of An Alternative Outlook, of A Change Of Atmosphere, of A Diversion Of Effort, is Essential. However, to the person of these two kinds of all types, alternate view, change condition of one runner band and changing attention is the basiccest need.
(6) …and It Was On The First Stage Of This Journey, in Kenya, that She Received The News Of Her Father's Death And Her Own Accession To The Throne. The Kenya of the first station that …… goes here, she received father to die and accede by her herself the message of kingship.
(2) English verb, adverbial changeover is Chinese noun, adjective
(1) The Inflammation Is Characterized By Red, swelling, fever, and Pain. The characteristic of inflammation is red, swollen, hot, painful.
(2) The Visiting Guests Were Escorted To The Yellow Crane Tower Last Sunday. Last Sunday, the member that the guest support of the people that call in accompanies a person saw yellow crane building together.
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