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Release interpreter of vocabulary of standard of name of project of Olympic Game
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Authorized committee and committee of job of national language writing will release term of countrywide science and technology jointly on July 15 " name of project of Olympic Games sports " , the dictionary press business affairs that has authority most by our country imprints book house is published.

This " name of project of Olympic Games sports " the terminology of project of Olympic Games sports that according to Spain term center offers Jiatailuoniya is compiled, cover Olympic Games of the 29th summer 28 individual Yo are big, by Sino-British law 4 kinds of languages contrast on the west, add up to 9000 more than vocabulary entry.

According to divulging, beijing Olympic Games needs sports major to translate 10 thousand about during the meeting, to open very current Olympic Games, interpreter personnel earnestly needs to master name of very normative abstruse body project. For promotional the mutual association with foreign athlete, urgent also need understands broad athlete and sports fan the general interpret law of name of abstruse body project.

" name of project of Olympic Games sports " of one book compile, begin to start from 2007, include name of countrywide science and technology appoint, national signal appoint, style of Ministry of Education defends university of sports of department, China, China to translate association, business affairs to imprint the sectional expert such as book house inside compile committee, the term data that Jiatailuoniya term center provides had a system arrange, organize the term, language, sports, expert that translates a bound, pass nearly 20 times go over a manuscript or draft meeting, undertake checkup to vocabulary entry one by one, made to the Chinese translated term of every noun be judged afresh and edit, ensure the scientific sex of Chinese translated term.
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