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"Interpret free translation art the interpreter of " type
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The flower interpret of Chinese poem besides literary value, be in daily life or have certain real sense. For instance, some travel tourist attraction has a lot of poems to need to be translated into English. A lot of exporter taste statement of advertising poem statement to need to be translated into English, the arts and crafts that returns some exit tastes itself to also involve the interpreter of poetic word. In addition, a few ancient poetry often also cite when some of leader makes a speech in circumstance of certain external affairs.

However, interpreter poem is not easy thing, especially ancient poetry. From a few Tang poetries that I see flower interpret text looks, make literal explanation to line only mostly, and reach the designated position not quite on the expression that cares about condition and connotation. Its are meaning go out of form, form changes as a result different of appearance, bearing. Some scholars think: “ poem, saying strictly cannot be translated, especially really mellow good poem, through the interpreter, inevitable meeting makes the poetic flavour of original work, lasting appeal somewhat loss. This is in the memory of a lot of people, already all became final conclusion. ” (Wang Regu: " interpret Shi Man this talks " ) not without the truth.

So can be Chinese poem translated into readable English after all? Should say those who accomplish to be OK below certain circumstance. What what say here is OK accomplishing is to point to, as basic as original work on content conform to, be close to quite with original work on expression namely, in formally and likeness of original work cardinal principle, and as opposite as original work on poetic flavour echo. But, the interpret that should say “ interpreter comes out sentence be like textual line ” this is far from likely. How can you find complete reciprocity between two kinds of completely different languages and culture? Not only interpreter Tang poetry is not done, translate daily language to assure very hard also namely, because the poetics in poetry, poetic flavour and poetic flavour are of very difficult interpreter.

In light of the very finite experience that translates Tang poetry from me, interpret of Tang poetry flower is a very complex issue. If be generalized simply,rise, free translation of interpret of = of interpret of Tang poetry flower art (the artistic composition in the poem) . But if carefully analysis rises, the specific content of a lot of respects contained however inside this simple formula:

1. Understand the content meaning of original verse seriously, reach by the watch in, reach the other from this. When the interpreter accurate relay original intention, do not add do not decrease, not left not right, want to communicate the meaning of literal not only, communicate implied meaning even.

2. Translation must accord with expressive habit of English, namely pure sex, let foreign reader read rise feel bright able to read aloud fluently. Of course, below certain circumstance, to highlight textual characteristic or reservation its former juice raw ingredient, translator adopts the technique of metaphrase possibly also intentionally, do dissimilation processing to translation namely.
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