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The regulation in written translation
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The symbol with Chinese and English 1. transforms:

The full stop in Chinese. In —— English. Be bit
“ of a slight-pause mark used to set off items in a series in Chinese, ”the “ in —— English, ” comma
“ of the colon in Chinese: The “ in ”—— English, ” comma
“ of name of the title in Chinese " " the “ in ”—— English<>”
“……” of the suspension points in Chinese has 6 “…” in nodding —— English to only 3 are nodded.
“——” of the dash in Chinese, and dash of the “—” in English also has an in part only.

The interpreter of 2. person name

I. English name breaks up by order directly, separate with the dot among: George W.Bush—— tall treats ·W· cloth assorted
The interpreter of Chinese name: Chinese name also breaks up by order, but surname and name should leave for nothing, want an university only the first letter:
Liu Dehua ——Liu Dehua, zhu Geliang ——Zhuge Liang
But this circumstance needs order: Liu Dehua's English Name is Andy, should write into Andy Liu so
II. Character name has a few important histories special word, need memory.
Confucius Confucius, mencius Mencius, father Laotsu, village Zhuangtsu
Relevant statement: Confucianist doctrine Confucianism, taoism of Taoist school doctrine, buddhist Zen
Sun Yixian Sun Yat-sen
III. The word of archaic person and date
Word: Courtesy Name, date: Literary Name
Exemple: Surname Gu Ming to change, express Yu Shifei, alias rain village. (pick from " in red building " )
His Name Is Jia Hua, his Courtesy Name Shifei And His Literary Name Yuchun.
Exemple: Fly when Gu Hua word, it is the teacher of black jade.
Jia Hua Styled (as) Shifei, is The Teacher Of Daiyu. (Style As is called)

The interpreter of name of 3. landform landforms:

Ⅰ . Name of monosyllabic landform landforms draws up first commonly its phoneticize form, next plus English type, both head child the mother is great.
Bohai Sea Bohai Sea, huaihe River of river of the Huaihe River, chao Hu Chaohu Lake
Father-in-law Taishan Mountain, or Mount Tai, mount Taishan (from the back have literary sense two kinds quite)

Ⅱ . Before double syllable and polysyllabic landform landforms should write it only commonly a few phoneticize of real name, plus English type, both initial is great.
5 hill Wutai Mountain, songhua River Songhua River

Ⅲ . A little famous river river sea has fixed name:
Yangtze River of the Yangtse River, yellow River Yellow River, west lake West Lake

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