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The expert talks about an interpreter " 8 give up "
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English learner wishs to become Ying Yihan subject commonly, be afraid of become Han Yiying subject. As a result of the difference on the history and culture, existing between Chinese-English term or be shown or the trap on the interpreter of concealed, bring about Chinese interpret Ying Yuan to make mistake easily than Ying Yihan. The word that uses Lu Xun says, it is “ dictionary does not leave a hand, cold sweat does not leave a body. This reminds ” translator must differ the know exactly about sth in disloyalty to these, mediate again next these difference, “ squares these ” difference. For this, should have stridden below 8 bank, always should take care ”—— of commandment of these 8 “ to want to polish for you only all over the sky starlight, lest be on familiar route,“ loses directional ” .

One, “ of Buddhist monastic discipline from one and eventually”
Chinese concise and comprehensive, the sentence is agile, often be N of correspondence of vocabulary of a Chinese English vocabulary, specific to in this sentence in should collect wherewith meaning, capture mental essence without fail, not OK and changeless should 10 thousand change. As to how meet an emergency, this place that shows translator work force namely.

For instance: It is “ problem ” , the interpreter below each are not identical, it is to hit one gun to trade a place almost.
The problem Questions Of Common Interest of collective care
Solve problem Solve A Problem
The crucial The Heart Of The Matter of the problem
Crucial question A Key Problem
Principle problem A Question/ Matter Of Principle
Pendent problem An Outstanding Issue
Without what problem Without Any Mishap
Autocycle has bit of problem. Something Is Wrong With The Motorcycle.
The problem is not here. That Is Not The Point.
Exposure gives quite serious corruption recently, take bribes and bureaucratism problem. Serious Cases Of Embezzlement, bribery, and Bureaucracy Have Been Brought To Light Recently.
Translator should master this kind of Chinese-English to translate ” of medium “ guerrilla tactics, translating the home should be ” of strategist of guerrilla warfare of “ of on-line of border land of ” of kingdom of different “ culture.
Shaboli will " Shui Hu passes " interpret is: The desperado) on marsh of Outlaws Of The Marsh(.
Interpret of Yang Xian beneficial will bend former " the country dies young " interpret is: For Those Fallen For Their Country, the press outside north will " Confucianism forest outside history " interpret is: The Scholars.
These are translator have a thorough grasp textual original intention and an excellent work that interpret gives.
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