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Business uses the Sino-British interpreter of the name
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Business uses a name, just as its name implies, have commercial use, basically use at economic domain, include product of brand of company name, product, culture (name of work of song movie and TV, books and periodicals, band) etc. Nowhere is not in “ sale ” , what business uses a name is Sino-British the requirement that should accord with market sale more to interpret.

One, business uses a name Sino-British the importance to interpret
As economic globalization, of the enterprise that cross a state expand, global application of English, and China makes decisive big market increasingly, a lot of business need to have good Chinese name or English name with the name.
If Sino-British the requirement that accords with market sale to interpret, so the product sells with might doubled, even bring the dying back to life; Conversely, enterprise go from bad to worse, even prove an abortion. The Goldlion of Ceng Xianzi of the famousest Hongkong's trader of example nothing is more... than. First when ever the gentleman is its free translation simply ” of “ gold lion, oversight the fact that ” of lion of the “ in language of another name for Guangdong Province and “ are defeated by ” homophonic, those who risked the Hongkong's person that at every turn pursues auspicious is big not Wei (the culture preference that this attributes target market) , result product is slow-moving; Transliterate it half free translation to be ” of very auspicious “ Jin Lilai partly later, the result is popular up to now, it may be said is changed decayed for magical.

2, a few states of Ying Yizhong
1, highest state: Interpret of phonic meaning all. For example Club—— club, pronunciation, meaning is very apt, like nature itself.
2, second tall state is “ presses phonic business ” : According to the translated term of pronunciation group synthesis and thing be identical, for example: Revlon cosmetic —— shows Hua Nong (the name that uses Yang Guifei of Li Bai depict directly sentence cage of stroke of “ spring breeze shows Hua Nong ” , wonderful degree forces continuously Club—— club) ; Coca-cola—— Coke Cola (with beverage be identical) ; Home Kelog’s—— happy family name (with be identical of family expenses flavoring) ; BEE GEES (3 brother comprise sing combination) —— compares humeral person; James Bond—— is really marvellous (writer play interpret) ; Beatles—— wraps around first 4 (4 band members grow hair amice) .
Actually ” of justice all interpret also can say news of highest state “ is this kind of circumstance, the name that just combines and English meaning are very apt.
3, the 3rd kind of state is “ halftone half meaning ” , transliterate partly namely, partial free translation, for example 7 happy event of —— of Seven-up soda water (the ” since the meaning “ of the Up in language of another name for Guangdong Province and ” of “ happy event are unisonant) ; Goldlion—— Jinli comes.
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