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4 principles that movie title translates
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The film is an art, unlike other stylistic work, it transmits media action to produce some kind of result then at the person's sense organ through a variety of information, consequently the interpreter of movie title also is different from the interpreter with stylistic other, but it also attributes the activity that steps culture intercourse. Look from stylistic type, interpreter of English movie title belongs to an interpreter to learn special research a kind (golden 隄 , 1998: 12) . The interpreter of English movie title, domestic scholar is involved not much, but already caused gradually take seriously. He Yuemin (1997: 41-43) point out on the west piece a lot of problems in translated term put forward to resolve the way to deal with a situation. He Ying (2001: 56-60) criterion according to functional reciprocity theory, combine the characteristic of Sino-British movie title, the level of 4 great value that put forward to coach movie title is translated, generalized the main method that title translates. Xiao Liujin (the law of Chinese interpret ability to title made 2001) analyse. The article is on this foundation, the movie title translated term or name of the English original that collects a century extensively, try analysis, classify, waited to be discussed further with respect to the principle that English movie title translates, method, standard.
One, movie title classification
The affirmatory, choice of title is not aimless, unprincipled, it is the first when communicate each other between a business and audience direct window. The translated term of shrivelled foot is to see the word is guessed normally justice or the result of dead interpret hard interpret, constant with film content be totally unrelated. Be like: The Duke, While You Are Sleeping ever was by interpret respectively “ ducal ” and “ enter the ” when Mian when you, differ with film content in ten million, make a person incomprehensible.
The first pace of interpret good title, the origin that should understand title in the round reachs his to name a characteristic, this is outstanding translated term surely the road of classics. Title is origin with clew of gut, setting, theme, hero mostly (He Ying: 2001: 56) . It is a standard with this, the author thinks the film has the following kinds of kinds about:
Movement piece: The sudden shift that often carries a picture and tussle occasion will attract an audience, be like: ) of eye of gold of Golden Eyes (; The list) of Xin Dele of Sindler’s List (; Speed (speed per hour of life and death) wait.
Love piece: Ghost (person ghost affection unfinished) ; American Beauty (American beauty) .
Horrible piece: The Silence Of The Lambs (silent kid) ; Hackers (hacker) .
Catastrophic piece: Titanic (Taitannike) ; Pearl Harbor (Pearl Harbor) .
Science fiction piece: Jurassic Park (Jurassic park) ; Star Wars (strategic defense initiative) .
Emissary piece: The Living Daylights (matutinal opportunity of survival) .
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