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The problem that simultaneous interpretation dragoman often encounters
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The processing of inverted sentence
Flower, the word order difference of Chinese is very big, this caused greater difficulty to oral interpretation. For example: Japan Surrendered In 1945 After Americans Dropped Two Atom Bombs. When simultaneous interpretation, often be just Japanese of before interpret goes out half " surrendered 1945 " , appeared again then second half sentence the " after " American dropped two atom bomb. Below this kind of circumstance, if dragoman already pressed interpret of English word order to go out, be forced a sentential reset, again iterate. But this appears again interpreter level is not high. How had been handled? 2 kinds of methods might as well under try. The first kind: Dragoman is not received too closely, after the person that waits for a speech however speaks major sentence, resumptive interpreter. But, in fast simultaneous interpretation, often cannot wait for so long time. Such, we can adopt the 2nd kind of method: Break a sentence for 2, 3 brief simple sentence, between brief simple sentence, proper complement a few words, word, them organic ground coupling rises. Are afore-mentioned illustrative sentence OK is interpret become? Quot; Japanese surrendered, that is 1945, before this, american dropped two atom bomb. "Such interpret, although faulty, but main meaning interpret came out, and the sentence is more clear and coherent also.
Passive voice and active voice
English is commonly used and passive voice, opposite for, chinese is multi-purpose and active voice. Understand this, when each other interpret, with respect to the Chinese that can avoid interpret to give English form, or the English of Chinese type. For example: In Some Of The European Countries The People Are Given The Biggest Social Benefit Such As Medical Insurance. What this English uses is passive voice, should change its when the interpreter for active voice, interpret is: "In some Europe country, people enjoys the most comprehensive social welfare, be sure to wait a moment like medical treatment. "When simultaneous interpretation, because time is pressing, dragoman is very easy the sentential structure down English downward interpret, interpret is given the biggest social welfare ……" into "…… people. Hear the simultaneous interpretation of international conference carefully, with respect to meeting discovery many dragoman often make this one common fault. Accordingly, ought to cause enough attention.
Long sentence processing
Had handled long sentence, it is one of basic skill of simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter is chief sentence, except should notice a basis meaning group, cut off its outside be brief simple sentence, still a key wants to master, namely English sentence grows and complex, that is to avoid to repeat use same a word, use Who then, which, that replaces subject and object, make the sentence becomes very long consequently. And Chinese is not afraid of repeat use same term. For example: That Is The Single Monetary Policy Which Will Be Discussed At The Next European Union Conference. Here, it is to avoid in English in the 2nd word repeat Single Monetary Policy, simplify its a Which, add up to two sentences for compound sentence. When interpret becomes Chinese, need not be afraid of repeat, interpret is " is unitary monetary system then, this money system is issueing an Europe alliance undertake discussion on the conference. This money system is issueing an Europe alliance undertake discussion on the conference..
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