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The interpreter of professional English
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On forum of an English study, I see a netizen sends a card, enquire how the term Non-mapped Memory of respect of a computer is translated. 4 netizens are answered stick, but the answer is incorrect, for instance a netizen is translated into “ to be not a map to change memory ” , still a netizen is translated into “ not the memory ” of line out. The friend that is familiar with computer software actually knows, map is translated into “ image ” commonly, carelessness is duplicate the certain and specific data in memory to another place. Map is a verb, the noun is Mapping. Accordingly above that term, ought to translate be not image memory ” for “ .
Why should I talk about this topic? Because I myself hold the editor of engage by special arrangement of a press of Beijing part-time for a long time,this is, the interpret that often is respect of a few computers is made undertake going over a manuscript or draft. I want to point out impolitely here, home has some of translator now, courage cries really big (laugh at) , books of a foreign language, no matter whether oneself look so that understand, want to have contribution fee only, dare take an interpreter, the quality that this kind of interpret makes, everybody cans be imagined.
For instance the beginning of the year had the interpret of respect of a Linux to make last year, translator professes is the technology of some big company is in charge of ZhongGuanCun, accordingly I feel translation quality ought to the question is not big. The some that did not think of I sought red-letter day of some chapter some casually paragraph, chinese, English contrasts, just discover this translator seems to never had used Linux, do not have even the basiccest common sense, for instance, he increases Mount interpreter ” into “ actually, unmount the interpreter reduces ” into “ , group translates the 2nd below.
① This Section Will Discuss How To Mount Or Unmount A File System.
This one part will discuss ② how to “ increases or reduce ” system of a file.
The friend that has used Linux knows, mount and Unmount are two the basiccest ideas, general interpreter lades into “ ” and “ uninstall ” . I considered later, estimation is this translator, the likelihood does not know Mount, check " English-Chinese dictionary " hind, discover the meaning is too much, looked for an about the same meaning “ to increase ” from which then, and Unmount, general " English-Chinese dictionary " go up to do not have this word at all, but the antonym that its prepositive Un makes clear to it is Mount, because this translates it into “ ,reduce ” .
Some learn the friend of communal English now, have a kind of view, they think: Although I do not know professional English, but I can buy a professional respect " English-Chinese dictionary " , see the word that does not know, check, can be translated all the same! Actually this kind of view is incorrect. With the computer professional English is exemple, occasionally a word, the word is very familiar, content is very simple also, but if you do not have the real work experience of computer respect, you do not come out with respect to the interpreter. Leave group for instance, among them Down, ought to translate for ” of “ delay machine, namely the server is shut, undertake maintenance, if translator is not systematic manager or network manager, very difficult accurate interpreter comes out.
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