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The most beautiful 11 on the world swim pool (group plan)
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Beijing time on June 9 message, ABC website announced 11 the most beautiful swimming-pools on the world recently. These swim the scenery with absolutely beautiful pool, can make your mood cheerful; Gentle sea breeze, drive away subcelestial confusion. This is enjoy like the heaven that the heaven on water brings a visitor.

It is this below 11 swim pool

Restaurant of 1. Yue banyan

The most beautiful 11 on the world swim pool (group plan)

Yue banyan restaurant

Beyond question, restaurant of Seychelles Yue banyan (swimming-pool of Banyan Tree Hotel) is the optimal perspective that views and admire beautiful scenery of the indian ocean. The real problem that emerges in tourist brain is, where is the swimming-pool? Advocate if the swimming-pool is enchased like pearl go up at cliff edge, give a person infinite view, in accept as a souvenir of this group photo, keep permanent memory to the person for certain. The bar on the side of the swimming-pool is quiet and elegant, fresh fruit waves ceaselessly faint scent, at the moment, the tourist can feel car horse fatigueds to break, vigor returns. Each villa all stock a private swimming-pool, let a guest enjoy his space alone. In the meantime, the tourist chooses to be when where repast, let them face choice of be in a dilemma.

Hotel of hill of benefit of 2. Bei Fu

The most beautiful 11 on the world swim pool (group plan)

Hotel of hill of Bei Fu benefit

The swimming-pool of hotel of hill of Bei Fu benefit and palmy tree and delightful booth stage become repeatedly, element the terrestrial heaven with Hollywood celebrity is celebrated, beautiful scenery often lets these stream of people forget to return repeatedly, they extend the ground to depend on freely go up in deck chair, face of cool breeze stroke, forget subcelestial confusion and sadness temporarily. The tree removed a crawl all round the swimming-pool of hotel of hill of Bei Fu benefit, make come the renown people that this experiences sunbathe need not worry be annoyed by tab reporter, what spend oneself quietly is secret days.
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