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Chinese characteristic English is translated (below)
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Period room Forward Delivery Housing
Ranger Horseback Police
Enterprise hatch implement Enterprise Incubator
Company culture Corporate Culture
Start of a race implement Block
Negotiate meeting Fair, meeting
Company of risk of birthday of 1000 acting cropland (Japan) Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Millennium baby Millennium Infant; Millennium Baby
Aggrandizement class Intensive Training Class
Grab run False Start, beat The Gun
Fleece Make Somebody Pay Through The Nose; Put The Lug On; Rob By A Trick
Cut bit of Point Of Penetration; Breakthrough Point
Kiss civilian party People First Party
Part-work And Part-study System; Work-study Program of part-work and part-study system
Light Rail Train of light rail train
Affection consumes Emotional Consumption
Have a special liking Show Special Preference (favor) To…
Area commercial Location-based Commerce
Bend body Jackknife, pike
Encircle alien person People Out Of The Loop
All-around diplomatic Multi-faceted Diplomacy
National Hygienic City of countrywide wholesome city
Cinerama Cinepanoramic
Fitness of the whole people plans compendium Outline Of The Nationwide Body-building Plan
All-pervasive champion All-around Winner
Global Positioning System (GPS of global location system)
The whole world connects Global System For Mobile Communications
Round-the-clock plane All-weatehr Aircraft
All-round Excellent Project of complete actor project
Fist product Competitive Products; Knock-out Products; Blockbuster
Nepotism; Petticoat Influence of wind of connected through one's relatives
Petticoat influence Networking Through Petticoat Influence
Allow Everybody To Air His View; Let Everyone Have His Say; Speak One's Mind Freely of rule by the voice of the many
Influential officials is capitalist (capitalism of interpret connected through one's relatives or close friends capitalism) Crony Capitalism
Fuel surtax Bunker Surcharge
Encroach on Reap Undeserved Profit From; Encroach Upon
Circle Beat Around The Bush
Heat up insular effect Tropical Island Effect
Brain Drain of talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year
Overstaffed Overstaffing
Artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Huge-crowd Strategy of tactics of sea of faces
Interactive Human-computer Interaction
Human association Human Communication
NPG Negative Population Growth (NPG)
Per-capita Housing of housing of average per capita
Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV of virus of human immunity blemish)
Favor debt Debt Of Gratitude
Free kick Free Kick
Japan Bank For International Cooperation (JBIC of Japanese cooperative bank)
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