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English, go experiencing attentively
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What perhaps English uses is much, the feeling of much English is automatical much also, although some moment feel the road of study is bad to go, but have power, have a cause, what see occasionally is additionally one scenery however.

Also asking oneself occasionally, why be opposite now English is such is interested, actually I can understand, I can apply, be less than me to need to apply far, pressure just has power, have the pressure of use English just about probably, just have fun at the thing of study

Communicating with the foreigner also is not actually, but still detect to now oneself are returned far insufficient, although the meeting is occasionally amazed why I can communicate with them, the very natural language that says him move listened to be twisted, but a lot of when still feeling the feeling that the sort of wanting that say not to come out is true is afflictive, when calling especially, without the communication of limbs and eyes, those who lean is the thing that he can speak out only, others can be understood, true disclosure is kind of miracle, although understand the kongfu that is oneself did not arrive home, do not have enough self-confidence to oneself, but harden oneself, also can bring oneself not little surprise occasionally.

What nevertheless English tells is much, look more, occasionally oneself also are met the very indescribable impulse that one kind wants to use, this is condition of so called words probably. After passing to cross Englishman, French, American in the contact, the English that still is American can let him feel kind most, the Englishman has been told pay attention to courtesy too, too fastidious, auditor always feels the other side is using the sense of honorific to you, the French's English, tell the truth of full how terrible, grammar also calculated, anyway oneself use what also consider grammar not quite, that pronunciation always lets a person feel is to telling French, or American is some more informal, also feel to compare nature for fun, although I also am adorer of flower type pronouncing, but to beautiful words, still feel to have endless friendly feeling.

Said so much, say some of result that studies English, although I also am a dabbler learner, but I present look, the most important English is writing instead, although a lot of people feel spoken language is the most important, but actually you can be written, you also can be told, won't tell actually, either dare not tell, do not know what to say however, write only much, ability can say on real significance. Learn this thing actually, still rely on what oneself go experiencing, feeling arrived, also progressed naturally. ~