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The interpreter is humorous
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There was netizen hair card recently, show passenger transport of Guiyang of Chengdu railroad bureau paragraph mistake 100 Chinese and English contrast sign. In these sign, complain ” of l of l of e of t of o of t of s of w of o of r of h of t of the “ that be become by interpret (cast will tell) , make a person most among them of acclaim as the peak of perfection is, guiyang is become by interpret unexpectedly ” of n of u of s of e of v of i of s of n of e of p of x of e of e of “ t h (costly sun) .

Without doubt, in public opinion supervise below, the sun ” with costly “ can disappear in common view necessarily. But manage by as usual, the ” of “ interpreter jest on similar train cannot be an exemple existence, when can those mistakes that were pointed out get corrective again?

This looks is not a problem, not was —— of a problem really definitely however actually this is about to look about respect general regarding as is figure stain, still manage a problem. If regard as,be pure figure stain, changed at most, discover to one corrects; Regard the detail on management as not to reach the designated position only, ability is possible all-around undertake introspection, in the take up in the bottom of the heart that responsibility heartstrings, not only “ erase ” at the moment figure stain, appear what still can avoid this kind of mistake in operation of the following management again.

Be in a few with the industry domain with public close together and relevant safety, one manages the neglect on detail, possible “ pulls one hair and move systemic ” at any time, make a needless joke, lead to the accident that endangers public safety even. Fair condominium manages, saying substantially, it is a kind of detail management. Act on the human nature with perfect pursuit to change service state of mind to perfect each detail careless mistake, as the vehicle of a kind of in a popular style, relevant section behoove passes follow-up of all-around detail management and system, establishment, the harmony that utmost ground ensures communal space is mixed in order civilized atmosphere.