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World famous brand is wonderful English advertisement word
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1. Good To The Last Drop.

Drop drop is sweet thick, meaning still did not use up. (coffee of Mai Siwei Er)

2. Obey Your Thirst.

Obedient your longing. (Xue Bi)

3. The New Digital Era.

Digital new era. (Suo Ni disc player)

4. We Lead. Others Copy.

We are banner, other is imitated. (manage smooth copycat)

5. Impossible Made Possible.

Make turn into impossibly likelihood. (beautiful can printer)

6. Take Time To Indulge.

Be enjoyed to the top of one's bent! (nest ice cream)

7. The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection.

Indefatigable pursuit is perfect. (approach annals car)

8. Poetry In Motion, dancing Close To Me.

Dynamic poem, to me dance is close. (abundant cropland car)

9. Come To Where The Flavor Is. Marlboro Country.   

The 10 thousand treasure of condition —— of presence charm road world. (cigarette of road of 10 thousand treasure)

10. O Me, the Past Is Black And White, but The Future Is Always Color.   

To me character, bland in the past; And future, it is gorgeous profusion however. (wine of Xuan Ni poem)

11.Just Do It.

Go doing simply. (be able to bear or endure gram sneaker)

12.Ask For More.

Longing is infinite. (shoe of 100 issues popularity)

13.The Taste Is Great.

Had tasted. (nest coffee)

14.Feel The New Space.

Experience new state. (SamSung electron)

15.Intelligence Everywhere.

Wisdom is deduced, nowhere is absent. (Motolora mobile phone)

16.The Choice Of A New Generation.

The choice of new generation. (100 things coke)

17.We Integrate, you Communicate.

Our be a comprehensive expression of, you transcend self. (3 water chestnut are electrical engineering)

18.Take TOSHIBA, take The World.

Have Toshiba, have the world. (Toshiba electron)

19.Let’s Make Things Better.  

Let us be done weller. (electron of flying benefit riverside)

20.No Business Too Small, no Problem Too Big.  

Without the dicker that does not do, without the big problem that cannot solve. (IBM company)
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