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How much does top and fashionable brand know (Gucci)
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Gucci company grows course
Go up at the beginning of the century, london of reside abroad of · Gu Qi of Europe of Italian Gu Qi and Paris, below be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears, he has a result gradually to the dress grade of local fashionable personage. After returning Foluolunsa 1921, he opened a store that runs high-grade baggage fittings and horsemanship things technically, sell the elegant skin that makes by local best craftsman is provided, and above hit antediluvian fine jade (GUCCI) mark. Only a few years of time, this inn attracted a batch of clients that have powerful connections domestic and internationally. This one huge success, made · Gu Qi of Gu Qi Europe open the first branch at was in Rome 1938.

After World War II ends, because raw material shorts, gu Qi designed the shopping bag that replaces leather handle with rings 1947, this one design up to now still can says classical. To 50 time, the red green red stripe that comes from equestrian cinch is used as fittings to decorate a design by Gu Qi, become the another mark design of this brand then.

1953, brand fame of Gu Qi already at the summit of one's power. This year, · Gu Qi of Gu Qi Europe dies, and the new York branch of the company also opens business in of the same age, it is indicating Gu Qi begins to hit out to global market. 60 time, as Gu Qilun honest, Paris and Florida of palmy beach branch hold water, this Italian famous brand that represents vogue and grade is in the world most staple market stand firm calcaneal. To 60 time end, “GG” becomes Gu Qi's brand formally to mark.

1970, global dilate of Gu Qi points to far east area, hong Kong and Tokyo had its brand shop respectively. 80 time are inchoate, company hegemony of Gu Qi by wool · Gu Qi masters Lijiao, nevertheless right now, gu Qi's familial internal dispute affected a company to develop, brand image of Gu Qi begins downhill. 1990, · Ford joins American Tom Gu Qi, take up the post of the chief inspector of female outfit originality of the company. His arrival is adumbrative Gu Qi is revolutionary of change begin.

1994, tom · Ford is appointed to be chief inspector of originality of complete product of Gu Qi group, second year in March, he rolls out jacket of the shirt of silks and satins that makes its fame magpie rises, mohair and velvet pants outfit, shape a part contemporary, sex appeal, Leng Yan the brand-new figure at a suit. · Ford bold and resolute rectifies Tom Gu Qi, the person that this one tradition brand change is brand-new fashionable Dai Yan, make Gu Qi is become young a group of things with common features fashionable delegate. In 90 time in the agitation of transition of Euramerican and extravagant brand, gu Qi is in in him redefine the positional respect of fashionable bound is to be done the most successfully undoubtedly.
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