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Him Dong Jianhua becomes an interpreter to oneself
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Him Dong Jianhua becomes an interpreter to oneself


The press conference of Dong Jianhua of commissioner of special zone of Chinese Hong Kong is the last news briefing that this second APEC conference plans. Reporter of China and foreign countries' will young issuance the room became crowded watertight, everybody wants to know the view that Dong Te head discusses to Bencihui, and hope from the information that Hong Kong gets how to develop in the near future over there him.

Special head when coming, a few Shanghai reporters prattle path: If “ is special a language saying another name for Guangdong Province, how do we do? In any case is understood not ah. When ” is saying, special head came. Stand before the stage, begin to introduce a case. Come up, he is used first common

The word said, answer again subsequently the requirement of Hong Kong reporter, the language that use another name for Guangdong Province repeated. Appear to still be no good, then he asks the foreign country that takes in front the reporter: “Do You Need I Repeat In
English? Does ”(need me to repeat with English? ) after getting affirmation, he will said patiently again two content said again.

Say 3 times repeatedly, how do reporters also listen again understood. Everybody to special the not tire of of first its are irritated hold the laugh with kindness in the arms, special first also are laughing to give everybody a response.

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