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The United States installs bureau interpreter to cause a trouble 3 big head chec
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The United States installs bureau interpreter to cause a trouble 3 big head will suffer examine


American state security bureau ever intercepted and capture two premonitory “ before today in “9·11 " incident the Arabic message that tomorrow is ” of decisive battle day, but this is only the message of two words just is translated into English till September 12 actually. Behavior of this one neglect one's duty gave 3 big information office of American to increase new trouble again. Although American information officer insists to think, although these two messages will be translated to come out by the success on September 10, also cannot provide enough early-warning information to prevent “9·11” horror to make a surprise attack. But this one incident pushed American state security bureau first reach the condition with likewise awkward FBI with the CIA. Congress criticizes CIA and FBI to cooperate in the “ before “9·11 " all the time ” of not do one's best, added a “ to translate the security bureau of ” of not do one's best again now. Congress admits

For, must want the ” of behavior of “ neglect one's duty office of 3 big information to check the whole thing comes to light, because this near future wants,part to 3 directors “ ” of appear in court to be tried.

American state security bureau is an information orgnaization that keeps secret highly, average the information of communication of of all kinds electron that every hour wants to monitor a dot to intercept and capture 2 million above with what spread all over the whole world through the satellite, include a phone to chat among them, the information that passes on email, internet waits content a moment. This orgnaization should invest the capital of 6 billion dollar every year, amount occupies the United States about complete information is estimated 20% , but this orgnaization is analysed and filter the capability of information is not strong. Be this one weakness causes interpreter personnel to must be everyday in accumulation mountainous information the thing with useful search, and the experience according to oneself will be translated partly rarely among them arrange, more information by “ forever oblivion ” .