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English doggerel and small doohickey
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The verb is key link “ snowball”Difficult easy organizing into groups pays a circulation

Preposition of deep graphic representation of congener and Baconian impression is the most intuitionistic

Promiscuous much because of form sound justice antonym language reads aloud in couples

Compose word method cannot forget to review phrase centers practice

Mo Jian of not best from syntax outside reading breaks the word

The usage a pithy formula of Be

I use Am, you use Are, is is connecting him, she, it;

Odd number noun uses Is, plural noun uses Are completely.

Change doubt, toward premise, sentence end interrogation not discards.

Become negative, easier, the Not after Be not forgets.

Doubt holds the post of you to change in the negative, sentence a doubt of great Mo Chi.

The place before time noun uses the phonographic song of preposition

Year 診 **** a surname makes 胕 N smooth with a rake, be no good however before the day.

Encounter a few to want to use On, afternoon is In morning.

Want to say fluctuation midday some day, with On the ability that change In goes.

Midnight dusk must use At, dawn uses it pretty good also.
At also is used before bright cent, say “ differs ” to be able to want to use To,

Say “ crosses ” to be able to use Past only, say to drill firmly is written down more more,

Not allow years empty waste time.

The name that remembers F(e) ending is plural

The wife holds a knife to slaughter a wolf, thief is frightened so that sent confused;

Hide after wear to maintain personal order, look of half leaf block.

Write down 48 international phonetic symbol opportunely

Monophthong in all 12, 426 before in hind.

Diphthong it may not be a bad idea is carried on the back, heal up is rectified 8 times centrally.

Consonant adds up to 28, 8 pairs of one Qing Dynasty 7 chaotic,

4 are opposite repeatedly also include. Have energy of life breathed Qing Dynasty is consonantal,

Phonic the chaotic that do not have gas is consonantal, articulate the characteristic should master.

Be not a few special usage of predicate verb

Indeterminate form is received to make a few commonly used and special predicate verbs of object only after

After the verb, indeterminate form, want, hope and Wish,
Agree, decide, mean, manage, promise,
Expect, pretend, and say two calculate here,

Should write down prison, want to remember, master them to rely on them.
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