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The origin of W.C
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W.C. One word is the abbreviate of Water-closet, among them one word of Closet makes solution of “ closet ” originally.

" 20 centuries dictionary " it is to the explanation of Water-closet: One uses as the closet of the room, “ ejection ” is swept with water. W.C. meaning Yi Ming, ever was used extensively so. But as a result of well-known W.C indicates why, accordingly some people think indelicate, with other more ambiguous word will replace, be like Lavatory, restroom, bathroom, the word such as Toilet Powder-room, have can use point to a toilet.

In general public place, toilet to distinguish with sexual distinction for example, men's write more on Men, or Gent's, women's write on Women or Ladies' . Be in order to be in foreigner mouth, w.C. One word already disappeared basically already; But still withholding however in a lot of places that are fundamental foreign language with English, because easily able to read aloud fluently, after listening, won't forget, this can be phonetic a kind of characteristic.

As to the name of all sorts of equipment in Lavatory, list now at falling. Current house, to save a place, also often set the toilet in the bathroom in (actually this is epinosic) , so equipment includes to have: Shower (shower) , bathtowel (bath towel) Soap-stand (soapbox) , water Tank (cistern) , close-stool (closestool) , lavatory Brush (strong rinse) wait for necessary things.