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TAC seminar held in the Chinese translation of the details and the pursuit of
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Held in December 10 in the translation of the fifteenth session of the seminar, some vocabulary related to current events closely, such as "carbon tax", "low-carbon economy", and the networ k vocabulary, "cottage Spring Festival Evening," "rotten Last House "and the French translation have become the focus of heated discussion. The seminar was organized by China Radio International, the contractor, from a number of ministries in Beijing, the media and foreign language schools, experts, scholars and workers in the translation of nearly 50 participants. CRI 128 for this carefully prepared words, involving economic, social and cultural aspects, many of them associated with the current terms of major events, such as "carbon trading", "public goods", "stuck," "retail", " Appliances car to the countryside ", and some popular network terms, such as" sensational drama "," sub "," hidden rules "," second wives experts "and so on. Some of these words in the social and economic development in China occurred during the specific vocabulary, make them outside the translation in the translation of foreign readers is quite necessary to understand the martial arts under the turning. French translation in order to enable them to accurately convey both the meaning in Chinese, not long drag, a French translation of their participants were carefully discussed. The French translation of the translation industry experts through the discussion, and then by the participants understanding and recognition of foreign experts and finalized after the down. TAC Committee of the Chinese translation of external communication TAC organized by the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Xinhua News Agency, Foreign Languages, Language and Culture University, China Network, People, World, China Central Television, Foreign Languages Press staff and other units held twice a year, each prepared by the undertaker in Chinese vocabulary. Has been discussed thousands of Chinese words in French translation, the translation of difficult words are translated foreign workers in the process of translation carefully selected, with the closely related major events at home and abroad every year. After discussion, finalized the terms for the French translation and learning staff widespread use, received a warm welcome and praise. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, senior translator, a former Chinese ambassador-designate to your letter, said: "Translation workshop held in more than seven years, the China Translation and Chinese people to learn French to help play a huge role." Seminar in translation has been bearing fruit, according to terms discussed by Hou Guixin, Xie Xie Wo, so strong house experts compiled the "Han AFP Glossary of Terms" was published in January 2007, and sales. Xie Xie, senior Foreign Ministry translated the French set up the Friends of Wo (http://www.frenchfriend.cn/) site, will also discuss the finalization of the terms each upload release for translation and learning to use. Seminars by foreign experts in the translation of the praise. Working in Taiwan in the international Lu French experts say: "This discussion is not only fun, but also makes us careful translations and in-depth study, in discussions we can learn a lot of new things." Yes, as a senior Foreign Office Translation Tangjia Long said, the translation is a bitter thing, but it is interesting.