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Hangzhou Luoyang experience in translation "is inviting the guests"
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Lied to the German translation of recruitment, after feasting on customers disappeared Hangzhou, Luoyang experience in translation "is inviting the guests" Outside the province were also cheated several other peer companies, please alert □ Sound reporter Chen Si Ride the train for 10 hours, excitedly rush to do business in Henan, only to encounter "was dinner," spent four or five thousand dollars a meal; Not only that, even signing the contract has become a dead letter. Recently, Hangzhou Zhang scored Morning hotline 85055555, please note that a group of foreign liar. Received a large single, went to Luoyang to do business Mr. Zhang, 29, after graduating from college, friends and partners in Hangzhou opened a translation company, small scale, primarily through the Forum website usual number of advertisements. June 15, he received a call from Henan. Luoyang, the other claiming to be a power equipment company, and want their companies to find five fluent in German translation. "The other side said, because their company has recently imported from Germany, electrical equipment, accompanied by a five foreigners, is responsible for training the Chinese staff were installed, the German interpretation of the translators demanding." Zhang said. Take the initiative to visit a client, a port must 5 translation, this single is not a small business, Mr. Zhang attaches great importance to, and others to discuss the company, he decided to go as soon as possible Luoyang, implementation details with each other, signed the contract to. Dragon Boat Festival holiday is the day that he attend to rest, get a night train to Luoyang. 9:00 the next morning, Mr. Zhang went to the other company, and phone contact manager Zhang Jianming touched the head. "He is probably more than 40 years old, lanky, mouth with a mustache. See I have very kind and immediately handed the card back." After twelve hours, the two sides talked about the specific details of cooperation. The two sides agreed on June 25, from the other translators of the deposit paid 125,000 yuan, followed by Hangzhou, the company send another translator to Luoyang. Face to be a good contract, Zhang Jianming, very readily out seal, signed. Get the contract, Mr. Zhang heart big rock off the ground finally. Signed a contract to dinner, only to fall into the "tiger's mouth" As he prepared to shake hands with each other when the other suddenly stunned: "hard to visit, eat lunch, go back, you see, our company has given you this time such a large single business, you do not please a meal meaning how to do it makes sense? " Zhang Yi Leng. Although the outside to do business, entertainment is always eating and drinking is inevitable, but such "naked" people treat openings, the first time he met. Although was a little uncomfortable, but Mr. Zhang in line with the principle of making money and gas, bite down on the promise. Zhang wanted a small restaurant dinner, but, the other said, the company is not the edge of the restaurant, and brought him on the taxi, opened the big half an hour, went to a local five-star hotel. Into the compartment, the other on the point of an opening price of 5 bottles of 500 yuan Wuliangye, then unceremoniously abalone, sea cucumber bigger features. Zhang Heart doubts began to suspect the other is intentionally killed himself. At this time, a tall man with a 4 into the box, Zhang Jianming, hastened to introduce: "Come on, this is our company ... boss Zhao ..." In this way, Zhang Jianming Zhao and his party boss and 7 bites, before and after the combined total spent about 5,000 yuan. For business, Mr. Zhang can only "readily" to their own money. Unexpectedly, the return to Hangzhou, his nightmare is not over. June 25, the company has not received the deposit each other, Mr. Zhang called to ask each other, to find reasons to explain the other side first, and later went so far as mobile and fixed phones have stopped running. Zhang finally realized that he cheated. An excuse to find translations, cheated more than one As Mr. Zhang's company anchored in Hangzhou under the Translators Association, and others involved in translation and outside of companies, individuals known as the contact, he called to ask, it was discovered more than their family has been cheated. He understood that Wuhan was a private translation company to fool them, contact is also a man named Zhang Jianming. "Used the same reason, to the German experts worked as an interpreter, Wuhan company in May to receive the phone, they are ready to talk business start no." Now, Mr. Zhang has been reported to the police. Zhang said that travel long distances to call a liar, Wuhan, Hangzhou, translation company, must also looked for more companies and individuals. He is currently the one hand, to contact other affected companies and individuals, on the one hand want to give us their experience mind you, this gang of crooks alert.