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Kunming translates company language bridge
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The interpreter that bridge of language of —— of Kunming translation firm is a major serves an orgnaization, aim to be a society organization, government organization, enterprise or business the unit offers the interpreter that crosses industry, much language, Gao Shuiping to serve. Registered in Chengdu 2000 hold water, and with established Chongqing company 2002, established Kunming company 2005. All previous classics develops 7 years, language bridge already built the business operation that covers Chinese southwest center and service network, become China western the professional interpreter with the biggest, the most perfect service serves area dimensions orgnaization.

Kunming translates company language bridge

Chengdu of language bridge —

Address: Road of sanded bay of area of Taurus of the Chengdu City large building of 77 new scope of operation 4 C
Postcode: 610031
Phone: 028-87675896 87681551
Fax: 028-87675459 87685859
Network address: Http://www.lan-bridge.com
Market department: Cd@lan-bridge.com
Human affairs ministry: Hrcd@lan-bridge.com
Contact: Abundant young lady

Chongqing of language bridge —

Address: The level ground austral area of Chongqing city south bank on the west road large building of 27 blessing day 7
Postcode: 400060
Phone: 023-62986361 62986391
Fax: 023-62986410
Network address: Http://www.lan-bridge.com
Market department: Cq@lan-bridge.com
Human affairs ministry: Hrcq@lan-bridge.com
Contact: Miss Sun

Kunming of language bridge —

Address: Kunming city east wind on the west the road offsprings 492 numbers house office building 1206
Postcode: 650031
Phone: 0871-5358380 / 5358381
Fax: 0871-5318532
Network address: Http://www.lan-bridge.com
Market department: Km@lan-bridge.com
Human affairs ministry: Hrkm@lan-bridge.com
Contact: Colour young lady