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Kunming translates Yunnan world to open interpreter office
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The world of network —— Yunnan of Yunnan interpreter worker opens interpreter office (Kunming translates a center)

When Yunnan world connects an interpreter to hold water from 1998, at first is engaged in the interpreter of English, Japanese, French working first, subsequently characteristic of base area region and academic setting established language of Thailand of —— of language of southeast Asia country, Burmese, Vietnamese, Lao to wait for the service of the language. Current, in answer to the province governmental “ builds ethical culture to save the appeal of ” greatly, we are in provincial below the support of the college and help, the translation that offerred language of Chinese southwest minority serves.

To receive and support international is anthropologic 2008 learn world plenary session with the nation (international is anthropologic learn federation with the nation plenary session of the 16th world) 15—23 day was held in Kunming in July 2008, yunnan world connects an interpreter to served supportive orgnaization to collect many as congress language anthropologic / ethnologist and senior expert (include moderator of partial congress special subject and ginseng to meet a learned man) , special roll out a nation to learn with anthropologic the paper that reachs relevant course and congress speech are Chinese and English (congress government use language is English) the interpreter serves. Keyword: Anthropologic / the nation learns an interpreter, chinese and English interpreter, international is anthropologic 2008 learn world plenary session to translate a service with the nation, paper interpreter. Endowment cost standard clicks here

Kunming actor agrees quality of English school —— and practical the Kunming English that pay equal attention to teachs an orgnaization

Yunnan world opens interpreter office (of Universal VISA Translators'network) hold water and run it is with its solid institute setting rely on, we amass the dominant position of scientific research and education, established Kunming actor to agree English school (U-Can English School) . The school is opened at present 4, 6 class should try course and adult spoken English to groom class, mix according to the psychological characteristic of children at the same time study characteristic, successfully open 5 little English class and class of English of two junior high school. We advocate language consciousness (or language feeling) education, the guiding principle of the ” of “ walking on two legs of the application that holds to a foreign language and union of photograph of education of national base foreign language, rise in order to realize student ability with neither of enter a higher school by accident.

External Chinese education (Learning Chinese As A Foreign Language) is a new project, the communication of the free language between student of China and foreign countries and culture is the characteristic of our education and revolutionary attempt.
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