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Kunming fast Le Li achieves major of interpreter limited company to offer an int
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Kunming fast Le Li starts interpreter limited company is city of Kunming of a classics the professional interpreter that 5 China areas are versed in management board of commercial firm politics registers approval to hold water serves an orgnaization. Have many 500 major, outstanding English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Han Yu, Thai, spanish, Lao, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Burmese, Tibet the interpreter such as language of language, Persia, Cambodia language, interpreter domain involves a variety of 140 professional fields such as IT, communication, electric power, electron, economy, law, commerce, metallurgy, mechanical, chemical industry, medicine, car, website, contract, software, environmental protection, agriculture, literature.
Kunming fast Le Li achieves interpreter limited company to hold to “ major essence to allow convenient the guiding ideology of low ” , differ according to the client the requirement of professional data, produce the advantage specialty of every interpreter personnel adequately, offer advantage for each clients with the most excellent service, create value. We are grasping to serve the purpose at the client, sincere letter is this the translation that management concept offers professional, high grade, efficient, diversity for each clients wholeheartedly serves.

The specification when connection is in the 58 information that see with the city, will obtain more credit.

Address: Yunnan saves 5 China districts of Kunming city to hand in Lin Lu

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