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Kunming interpreter wins translation firm to run message together
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Kunming interpreter wins interpreter company together is provider of service of a large and professional translation (the detail is clicked please enter win survey together) , regard the emissary of culture communication, economy as flying bridge, we are responsible, accountability the power that expands him contribution for Yunnan economy, we wish to be a center with Kunming, save for Yunnan enterprise or business the translation that unit and individual offer major serves.

Kunming interpreter wins the provincial capital that translation firm Kunming visits as Yunnan together, it is center of economy, politics, culture, because this is in,win translation firm to establish Kunming to translate service contact center together (” of firm of translation of abbreviation “ Kunming) .

In the meantime, the existence of center of contact of Kunming translation service also manages to let me many 3000 hold two or more posts concurrently only the ability that translates personnel to develop his adequately, to oneself value realizes then while the client offers an interpreter to serve!

Expert of student studying abroad of the interpret careful that wins translation firm to have many 3000 to have rich interpreter experience together, deputy interpret careful, professor, associate professor, senior learned man, homecoming and technology, language waits to hold two or more posts concurrently only interpreter personnel, the translation that can offer following major for you serves:

Interpreter language: Win Kunming to translate a company to be able to undertake professional interpreter to following languages together: English is translated (namely English is translated) , Japanese is translated (this day article is translated) , Han Yu is translated (namely Han Wen is translated) , imprint ground language translation, Korea language translation, Germanization (namely heart article is translated) , Russian is translated (namely Russian interpreter

Professional industry: It is OK to win Kunming to translate a company together interpreter of interpreter of interpreter of professional the metallurgy that finish, chemical industry interpreter, electric power interpreter, travel interpreter, steely interpreter, mechanical equipment interpreter, electric equipment interpreter, car interpreter, the sources of energy, communication interpreter, communication equipment interpreter, computer interpreter, electron interpreter, spin, , the core competition ability that gains Kunming to translate a company together is to come from translate a group at top-ranking major, come from Yu Kunming to translate the spirit respecting property of company faculty, come from Yu Kunming to translate a company to confrontation the assiduous pursuit of the quantity.

Type of service:
1, written translation:
Common kind: Commercial letter is translated, report interpreter, announcement interpreter, memorandum interpreter, interpreter of news current events waits for average data;
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