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Pair of embarrassing case: officials less concerned about the translation of t
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Fifth Pair of Awards (Lu Award) recently released results. Extension of the high officials of the car as award-winning poetry has become the most Internet users and the media attention. Its the actress Xu Fan, Liu Yifei as the theme creation colloquial poetry more relish for the users, known as the "lamb body." And poetry by high-profile vehicle delay in sharp contrast to the current selection of the other winners, "not popular", vacant, "Literary Translation" award has not received much attention. "Kid style" poetry friends laugh to fame: the horse is the cloud of God pear According to media reports, 19 evening, just the fifth Lu Xun Prize for Poetry Award, the winners - extension of Wuhan High Commission for Discipline Inspection of the new car as "Fan Xu," quickly swept the Internet, and poetry were looking very gossip, poetry is Guadan such as water, between the lines full of admiration for actress Xu Fan, was friends dubbed the "kid style" (Editor's note: car Yan Gao a homonym). Bo poem forward in micro-endemic, it was ridicule: the body speed to worship the lamb, pear Shenma are clouds. In this regard, the parties extended high response car, said critics want to aim a little more standard. He also said that civil servants have both ability to govern, and must have write capability. ("Fan Xu," excerpt ... ... "Fan Xu beautiful is pure beauty of a woman, I have been to see her, and so far unfulfilled desire, in fact, a child and I live particularly close to her, separated by a wall, and she lived there in the West race track operators, I who lives here in the West race track operators, and later her red, Fuchangfusui, took a lot of the hugely popular film ... ... ") Some Internet users believe that car, and his work extended high-level ought not questioned, "If this is also called the poem, then, I had twenty years ago, won the prize, I was in junior high school, is often pretending to be making a fuss, write this Poetry female students to the school. "users also have different views" very sincere. of watching the children grow up and look normal ah some of praise. "Some people think that that is a mild-mannered fellow secretary, writing poetry is His personal hobbies, no big deal. Of the users questioned, explained that the high extension of car, "Fan Xu," This poem is in September this year, he created a series of poems of a total of three, write the three actors in Wuhan: Fan Xu, Xie Fang, Liu Yifei, the spread of micro-Bo is not the full version. The micro can only send 140 characters Bo, posted the poem only 1 / 4, for fear of readers misunderstanding and ambiguity, he wants to send the poem. Poem is the extension of the three cars in a high writing to try and explore, he uses a vernacular way, and strive to zero emotion, not with personal feelings, through natural description, the characters written in flesh and blood, and ordinary people closer to their the distance between. Colloquial poetry was also Zengyin friends laugh, "pear body" poet Zhao Lihua, said in a blog post, "I did the primary judge this award, the judges I know, I am familiar with the rules awards, winner car extended high I am more familiar with, but I do not want to speak on this issue. In fact, Lu Xun had nothing with the award, either the body or what lamb pear body, first proposed the concept of people is certainly a shallow, far-fetched and extremely boring. you apart According to a poem or poems to give a simple classification scheme to send, you certainly will not do anything else. " "Changjiang Daily" reported that Lu Xun, deputy director of the Committee the final assessment poetry Lei Shuyan said that winning does not depend on cars with high extension "talk poems, free of make." He further disputes on the Internet, said: "So the writer usually pay attention to when writing, the occasional game for people, can leave a deep impression. But in fact write that it does not matter, just plain straightforward poetry that is up to selection criteria of less than Lu Xun. " There are comments that this poem to determine the vehicle to extend the high level of poetry, it may not fly, he can not say what official capacity. User's booing and ridicule, is not only a suspicion based on common sense, but also an entertaining and onlookers. How exactly the level of his poems, hand, very few people have carefully studied. Official capacity "help" award? Jury: officer poetry without a trace gas Reason for the rapid extension of high car attracted all eyes, and his official capacity is also important reasons. Some Internet users questioned whether this capacity to its award-winning "help." Discipline Committee for a poet than as the car does not avoid high delay, "Some people will think I let my work as dipping, in fact, this capacity is brought resistance. Arty outsiders think I was around me people think that much work, but there is arty who had 5 points every day for up to write poetry? literature does not see identity, official position, as long as you love can do, who think that government officials can not engage in literary creation? " He also interviewed by the media that rely on literary creation is the inspiration, talent and imagination, you need to find a good pair of eyes, deep into life the people, under the hood, inspiring, power can not be given to these. Challenge for the sound of the outside world, Lu Xun, deputy director of the Committee the final assessment poetry Lei Shuyan said that the judges read his poems, "longing for warmth," did not feel the trace of the official total gas, feel that he is entirely a poet, poetry full of sunshine and warm, personal feelings on life, language is also very lively. Whether it is subject or style, are a fresh breath, written very user friendly. "Identity can not afford to have any effect." He said. There are comments that "I do not know the Discipline Committee's official position incompatible with the contradiction between what is poetry. Officials of poetry in China, in fact, there is a history and tradition. Chinese history, poetry, poets do not write a good account of its officials number. I do not have a breakdown on the elementary school a few people who can recite the first I'm afraid. Du Fu, Bai, Li Bai, which served as the official did not, why no one was laughing at them? " Lu Award "money can buy?" Writers: Please present the evidence User comments on cars with high extension also extends to its poetry, "Lu Xun" and its assessment. In the "People's power forum" where users "trickling stream", said: "A poem of a moment of personality, can be laid to rest by Lu Xun." There are users said that the car is so high level extension of the works of Lu, had to get award, which is too low the threshold of suspicion Lu Award. According to "Beijing Times" reported that the secretary of the Chinese Writers Association, Chen Qi Rong, a spokesman explained that the controversy caused by netizens, "Fan Xu," and other works not included in the "longing for the warmth", the Moreover, just from a poem, a work, it is difficult to see the author's style and level, suggest that you read the next he was included in the "longing for the warmth" in the poetry, most of the work or to achieve Reuben Award selection criteria. Publishers are Lu Xun Shen Haobo questioned the fairness of awards. Updated his blog on the blog post: "reporters, who on the award-winning poetry Secretary, I'm not interested. I am interested in talking about Lu Xun, I said, can use the money to Lu Xun's . Lu Prize winner is a lot of money, and some, is seeking come. running award, is the author of the Life Writers Association event system. Reuben Award Organizing Committee can sue me ... ... Lu libel award is to spend money buy. This is an open secret. " Shen Haobo I said in a telephone interview, this blog really is what he wrote, but did not elaborate view. Argument for Shen Haobo, Chen Qi Rong said that if things really as mentioned above, the evidence made public so please come and see what kinds of work is to spend money and what is running, and how much to buy awards are who sent and who received. If even that can not say or not say, can not help but to doubt its motives. Lu detractors for the award and the judges comments, CWA does not exclude pursue its legal responsibility. Yan Gao car people: won the 2008 "Top Ten Poet" title So concerned about the delay caused by the car high Who are they? According to media reports, the car extended high, born in February 1956, Shandong Laiyang people, Party graduate degree, Doctor of Economics, member of Chinese Writers Association, Hubei Writers Association member, he served as Director of the Society of Wuhan essays. In addition to the winners-coming Lu Xun, and a weight capacity, the incumbent secretary of Wuhan City Commission for Discipline Inspection. Although the official, but he describes himself as a poet in the micro-blog. It is understood that vehicles from the 1977 extension of the high amateur literature, there are essays, prose, essays, reportage, etc. are scattered all kinds of books. February 2005 began amateur poetry, has been in "Poetry", "People's Literature" and other magazines, newspapers and more than 200 poems published in the first, in April 2009 had also won the 2008 "Top Ten Poet" title. "Chengdu Business Daily" reported that the father was a military vehicle with high delay, participated in the Sino-Japanese War, Liberation War and the Korean War. The age of eight, the second grade of high extension of the car has begun to read the traditional characters of the "Butterfly Lovers." Car extended high point of personal experience rather legendary, and he is just in elementary school when the Cultural Revolution started in a few years after the paint work, car extended high-enlist in the army during military service in Qinghai, the company still pigs. When a soldier, the car started to use the high extension of time to create a rest, his poetry debut was in the "Qinghai Daily" article published supplements. By 1981, the car to the local extension of the work of high demobilization, and later to the Central Radio and TV studies. In the past 30 years, the vehicle extension of the high street from Wuhan, the most basic start of temporary offices, today became a high-level civil servants. All sound Extension of high poetry Zebian car: he was very honest in literature According to "Beijing News" reported that, in fact, extended high car's two poems to be hot and no income he received the Award of Lu Xun's "longing for the warmth," poems in the anthology Zebian said the car extended the poem represents a high poetry writing more direct, face reality, not deep and complex. He said the car was very good person with high delay, literature is also very honest, do not have anything more than what the person has chosen to play stronger. His award-winning collection of poems divided into three parts inside, including the daughter of father and daughter to study in foreign intelligence, but also the actual real world scenarios of care, as well as his visit to some of the scenes recorded. Sound in poetry: poetry for over-age adolescent service According to media reports, the high extension of the car is also no shortage of critics of the poet peers. Yin Lichuan reading "Fan Xu", the hair microblogging evaluation: "When I saw! Worst is not written, the more rotten, more in line with characteristics of the times." Famous poet Jiang Lan reading "Fan Xu," after bluntly: "This poem also pear as Hua Zhao body. In my opinion, this is an obscenity-type work, is the demonization of Chinese poetry! " View Cart Yan Jiang blue after the high poetry of others, "from a professional point of view, I think his adolescent poetic writing can be called the extended service, everyone will have poetry in adolescence (the performance of emotion in poetry), but he The poetry is very tenacious, continuing to the present. Of course, the reality of their work has a concern about the content, as an official to observe the people's livelihood and compassionate people, nothing wrong, but basically these works has nothing to do with poetry. " Reuben Award for "embarrassment": almost forgotten "literary translation vacancies" Car newspapers reported at great length with the extension of the high and the "lamb body" than the accounting for a large class of Lu Award "Literary Translation" vacancies, faced with concerns. According to reports, literary translation in the class, the Ministry of works for less than 40, only five were selected, but no final award of a work. China's Chen Qi Rong Writers Association spokesman, said the jury on the class 5 of literary translation work a careful re-reading alternative and repeated discussions, that these works have not reached the award criteria, the final jury upheld the standard of Reuben Award awards do not trade down, there has been Vacancy. Gao Hongbo of China Writers Association Vice President has said that the decline in the quality of translations, reflecting the current trend of publishing industry and the fickleness of literary translation industry downturn of the status quo. Yin Chengdong the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, deputy director of the media, told reporters that the situation is now very optimistic about the translation industry, has the amount of free quality. Translation Experts old age, said the training college of the negative translation, interpreters can, but very few human translators. Experts also said that now "over-commercialization of publishing" is translated from one of the reasons is difficult to share. In addition to translation awards vacancies worrying, but this award also more "frustrated" was undoubtedly the network literature. Earlier media reports had dense "net death" although selected initial evaluation, and ultimately be eliminated. In this regard, Chen Qi Rong explained that the "net death" is not selected for award of the awards did not meet standards for Lu, mainly works of literature is not strong. "Today Morning Post" comments that the various types of awards which are not pure, Lu Xun also suffering from a crisis of confidence, Zhao Lihua, Chen Haobo and other intellectuals have given the relentless attack. The real situation, we can not discern, nor raved. But be sure - it is no applause, no onlookers or even, more seriously, as the country's top literary award, more and more young people do not know the existence of this award. When one of the country's top literary award pending results, concerns only one of the categories, a winner of the official capacity, willing to mock his own winning colloquial than twenty-three works, many other winners of the collective "ignored" not optimistic about the status of translated literature "was ignored," Literature is not hard to say a sad.