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File of Kunming major finance affairs is Sino-British run message to interpret s
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The Sino-British file that we are a flock of independence is individual to interpret, what be good at financial forms for reporting statistics and relevant file especially is Sino-British to interpret. Of the financial forms for reporting statistics that we have the accountant of professional conformity certification to offer true, high quality for you and relevant file Sino-British to interpret. Interpreter charge inspects an item and decide, it is a basis commonly following means collects fees:

Financial forms for reporting statistics: Sino-British to interpret every page rises 300 yuan from the RMB;
General and financial document: Sino-British to interpret every word rises 0.8 yuan from the RMB.

Reach your file phone mail please Tkk1819@gmail.com, we can give you a quoted price inside the shortest time. We hope can wholeheartedly serve for you. Our main connection means is email. If you hope to be contacted with the phone, call 65-96238469 and Mr KK connection please.