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Shanghai is short of Tong Chuansheng to hold the post of a talent not to overtak
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Be regarded as " gold gets gens " simultaneous interpretation is current very in short supply, the reporter interviews know yesterday, the demand of the simultaneous interpretation inside 5 years is in Shen Cheng about 1000 or so, and whole town has sufferred major to groom truly and this kind of talent of can complete competency does not exceed 10 people, one in hundred of true it may be said. Be aimed at the current situation, explain city next year will build simultaneous interpretation to groom dot.

Professor Chai Mingjiong of office of exam of Shanghai general foreign language tells a reporter yesterday, since after entering a life, of Shen Cheng internationally large conference increasingly grow in quantity, the conference too many things to see such as finance, chemical industry, machinery, this makes the social status of simultaneous interpretation is climbed increasingly litre. They

Press day plan firewood commonly, about everyday 4000 yuan of RMBs, highest can achieve 10 thousand yuan of above sometimes.

Although social status is tall, but " climb " the person that must go up is little little. Why a few simultaneous interpretation cannot the Shanghai beach of many of foreign language talent find? Chai Mingjiong teachs an analysis to think, simultaneous interpretation wants besides outer article and Chinese respect very outstanding outside, very tall also to the requirement of quality of professional knowledge and ability of agile meet an emergency, psychology, and in this a few respects can the person of pass a barrier is rare at the same time. Some people went a mistake in interpreter spot, dare not enter the court the 2nd times; Some do not go out in the interpreter when foolish arris is worn, do not know make remedy measure neatly.

Come for years, of simultaneous interpretation groom undertake in Beijing more, shanghai has not groomed technically dot. Research center of education of language of the abroad in last year and combination of university of Beijing foreign language are rolled out " certificate of English interpreter qualification takes an exam " (abbreviation CETI) , this is exam of country's current and only certificate of English interpreter qualification.

It is reported, to help dream of textual research of the simultaneous interpretation on circle of talent of Shanghai foreign language, explain city next year grooms the simultaneous interpretation that establishs major dot