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Handsome appearance of translation of Nanjing small language is rare be short of
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"It is really difficult to look for an interpreter, it is more difficult to look for small language, professional technology to translate! Run to talent market to look for Electromechanical project technology to translate, crouched a few days to also did not encounter an appropriate person selected. " recently, a chief regular meeting of Nanjing that translates a company is given out " the handsome appearance is rare " sigh with regret.

So, is interpreter person just short of Nanjing after all? A chief says Nanjing interpreter network, the interpreter position amount that from Nanjing net of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job issues looks, demand number was 3184 2003, increased 7312 2004, although the data 2005 has not been summarized, but break through 10 thousand very likely, and gap of advanced interpreter supply and demand is bigger.
The statistical data of website of market of each Nanjing talent, talent shows, the interpreter talented person that knows spanish, Arabic, Korean, portuguese to wait, becoming the target that each big company heat holds in both hands at present, breach is thousands of person at least. Engineering course knowing truth is professional English talent is more 10 thousand yuan beg hard. A few units must go all sorts of interpreter professional websites go look for, still ask to help hunt head company even.
One is engaged in translating a talent to groom working teacher thinks, of small language talent close spruce, the university amount that offers small language major with home is rare very big concern. With economic progress faster long triangle area is exemple, only Nanjing university and institute of Shanghai foreign language offer spanish major. Same, be aimed at certain logic engineering course technically kind the interpreter's course, also rarely the university is opened. The language talented person that grows trigonometry area at present fosters career, do not follow to go up apparently the pace that economy grows.