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Swedish Sinology home: A lot of people of Chinese are qualified win nobel prize
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Ma Yue like that Ma Shijun of reporter of close shadow Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Before building of Beijing University democracy, standing a learned man that is containing pipe, he is not to be in to smoke readily it seems that, savouring Beijing outskirt in an one buccal ground however of this gardens cool air and vernal sunshine. Refer Chinese, he does not have judge one time --

"I learn Chinese the first ' textbook ' be " Zun Chuan " "

I begin to learn Chinese from 1946, the teacher is the Sinology home Gaobenhan with famous Sweden. Gao Benhan has attainment very much to the research of Sinology, his " Chinese phonology studies " to Chinese dialectology topical, to the note that Xian Qinwen offers, to the research that archaic bronze ware evolves into, it is the important milestone on Sinology history. His composing is at that time the scholastic blame that Chinese and Chinese study on the world is read cannot.

1946 around, I am being read flower, of edition of article of law, heart " moral classics " when, discover discrepancy of 3 kinds of translation is very big, go visitting Mr Gaobenhan, ask him which kind of interpreters text is a few more reliable, did not think of gotten answer is: "3 kinds of translation are fluky, exclusive and reliable English translation is myself interpreter, had not published. " Gaobenhan asks me: Why don't oneself learn Chinese directly? Be in then in those days in August, I fall in Gaobenhan's door, learn Chinese with him. Look may suspect in the Chinese, I learn Chinese the first " textbook " be " Zun Chuan " , I think all the time " Zun Chuan " it is one of the most brilliant book in world literature.

After learning prose written in classic literary style two years, I obtained brushstroke fellowship to investigate Sichuan dialect to China. 1948, my preexistence Chongqing and Chengdu learned southwest official word, compare the dialect that studies place deep to Le Shan again then. In high mountain eyebrow I knew hill to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland an abbot of the temple, I live all the time from the first day of the lunar year 1949 over in those days August. Old abbot has knowledge very much as expected, everyday he comes to my room after breakfast, tell the class of two hours to me, what read above all is " the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) " , it is next " Tang poetry 300 " , Han Chao's a poem with five characters to a line and an official conservatory in the Han Dynasty for collecting and composing folk songs and ballads. His whats teach me, still teach me to write with brush.

Just arrived dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland temple when, small bonze people a bit is afraid of me: "You look, the nose of foreigner is very big! His eye is green, you look! " they discover me later this foreigner does not resemble fokelore in that way " have a child " , they just regard me as friend. I can remember small bonze forever people the lection that singing melancholy of a content cheerfully with ringing sound in the evening everyday: "It is day already passed, the life also is followed destroy. Be like little water fish, this is there He Le? But read aloud fugacious, careful do not put ease. " if small bonze is alive still, they also should be fast old person of 60 years old, time passes too quickly! Amitabha!
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