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London subway exhibits Tang poetry uses Chinese calligraphy to match English to
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Looking forward to to be a bit earlier in Shanghai subway in citizen of a lot of Shanghai when seeing British poetry, london citizen compares Shanghai person even too impatient to wait. The reporter was stationed in culture of Shanghai consulate general to teach place know from England yesterday, british Greenwich time on Feburary 5 afternoon, the news center that is in British library was held " make the life better, poetry of London subway China releases a ceremony " . Be in this day, by tens of thousands London citizen and international tourist pass 2000 billboard inside British subway railroad car, read for the first time in China already the Tang poetry that child of widely known, Fu all knows.

   Attract subway passenger with Chinese Tang poetry " eyeball "

These Tang poetry that appear inside British subway railroad car did not use block letter Chinese character, used Chinese calligraphic form however, match the English interpreter with British Sinology home at the same time, so that Chinese poetry most lifelike ground communicates western society.

It is reported, these Chinese Tang poetry will measure the flow in huge England subway to show two months in stream of people.

Yaohansen Buck of head of department of literature of office of London of British culture association says, "The poetry in the subway " it is from London of night of the New Year's Eve the mayor illumes after lantern of Oxford street China, "China is in London 2006 " the another important Sino-British culture in series activity communicates a project, the mainest purpose of this project is to communicate. "This is the communication between the spirit of Chinese poetry and average subway ride reader, communicate as crucial point is here is the attention that should draw people, a lot of people in these audiences do not read a poem at ordinary times, and the opportunity that this offerred the Chinese poetry with a the most outstanding contact to blame major reader. And the opportunity that this offerred the Chinese poetry with a the most outstanding contact to blame major reader..

   "The mankind and dog " the picture is exhibited to Chinese dog year greeting

General manager of London subway company carries Mu Aotuoer to express, the key of this project is not depend on us ginseng of where head or which kinds of poetry exhibits final make choice of, however what we try hard to popularize " the public is artistic " concept, showing artistic limit groovily namely place, extend those to often do not see artistic place however.

What walk into London subway this is Chinese poetry not just. Since this month, london subway company still will be in the subway station such as station of station, the square in Pi Kadi holds Na Woke station, Weisiminsite " China dreams " picture. Be in whole inside 2006, london subway passenger will be in the each sea newspaper that spreads all over subway platform is revealed see inside the area various " the mankind and dog " picture, london subway company shows, this action desire is indicating pair of China " dog year " greeting and blessing.
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