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Youth of Ningxia the Hui nationality advocates language learning A becomes an in
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Channel of xinhua net Ningxia on Feburary 1 report (Luo Bo of reporter Meng Zhaoli) when the traditional festival in the Chinese's lively him spend joyfully- - when the Spring Festival, yang Bo of youth of the Hui nationality the sweetheart that from Zhejiang justice black returned homocentric county of city of Wu Zhong of home town Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to marry his. Boy business suit is very straight, confidence is dye-in-the-wood, zun Lin is right the villagers that abandon are envied unceasingly.

Yang Bo left 2005 be located in China the barren home town western, to economy relatively the Zhejiang that develop saves justice black to become A language translation, nowadays, the income that the income of his month is equivalent to a family of homocentric county country one year.

Yang Bo tells a reporter, at present his month base pay is 2000 yuan, plus the deduct a percentage from a sum of money of a few tip that the client gives and business of make it brushstroke, a month can earn 3000 yuan or so.

Nowadays, in Chinese Zhejiang city of justice black trade is mixed Guangdong and other places, have a lot of traveling trader that come from Arabia country, the young men and women that holds the position of an interpreter here people, come from city of Ningxia Wu Zhong mostly. Be in Zhejiang only compulsory trade city, person of 2000 many Ningxia is engaged in A language translation, income arrives in 1500 yuan 5000 multivariate differ.

Ma Xuefu of 25 years old has been in Zhejiang justice black is hit went all out 5 years. He comes from Ningxia village of careless channel of river of countryside of pond of homocentric county fourth home, junior when be sent mosque to follow imam study 6 years by parents, gift is sent Ningxia again after him intelligent courtyard of Mohammedan study of Confusion classics learns A language technically.

Recumbent oneself excellent A language level, ma Xuefu is in Zhejiang justice black and collaboration of a Spaish opened 4 handicraft to sell store, annual interest embellish from hundred thousands of to nearly 1 million differ. Subsequently, he brought the fellow villager of language of A of 40 many study to become A language translation in justice black again.

As the association grow in quantity of China and Arabia country, the demand of A language talent is very big, a language translation becomes a lot of youths to go out working new way.

Be located in China western place of inland share of city of Ningxia Wu Zhong belongs to barren arid belt, natural condition is quite abominable, 10 years of 9 drought, the farmer relies on a day to have a meal, people relies on place all the time go out work increase income. In recent years, wu Zhong city uses population of local the Hui nationality much and the advantage that the Hui nationality has tradition of study A language, adopt all sorts of measure to encourage surplus labor force to learn Xi Ayu, be engaged in an interpreter.
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