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Interpreter of 8 class exam checks English major outline
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" exam outline " the requirement to the interpreter and English-Chinese of formulary test examinee the ability of each other interpret of two kinds of languages.

Interpreter project is subjective examination questions, distribute a share. Section A Chinese To English of the first part, the Chinese character interpret that asks examinee will make an appointment with 150 or so inside article becomes English. Section B English To Chinese of the 2nd part, requirement examinee will make an appointment with 150 English transliterate of the left and right sides to become Chinese inside article, college English is professional outline of 8 class exam (new 2004 edition) to Han Yiying the test raised newer at 2 o'clock requirement: The first, can use Han Yiying's theory and skill, translate the article on our country newspapers and periodicals and general literature work. Speed is hours 250 to 300 Chinese characters. The 2nd, translation must true meaning, the language is clear and coherent, fluent.

The outline of education of English of major of English of colleges and universities 2000 also raised specific requirement to Han Yiying: Can " the article that gets on our country the press, magazine and interpret of general literature work become English, speed is horary 250-300 word. Translation requirement is faithful be willing, the language is clear and coherent, fluent. " in light of the new requirement that raises from these two outline, both more adjacent on limits, amount, but expand somewhat than the outline previously, with literature interpreter and article of political comment sex are given priority to, also compare original outline to ask to rise somewhat on the requirement of quality, emphasized in the past faithful and clear and coherent, added now " fluent " this one higher level.