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The interpreter makes mistake Neigude within an inch of " destroy " CNN
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CNN reporter speaks Neigude the Neigude after CNN of medium fierce of nucleate of nuclear energy mistranslate apologizes to Iran in the round calls in ban

17 days of morning proclaim Iranian government, prohibit network of news of American cable television (CNN) the reporter continues to undertake news activity in Iranian churchyard, the reason is the speech that CNN reporter translates Iranian president Neigude erroneously before this, say Neigude says Iran has military of nucleus of power research and development. Neigude expresses later, this is the wrong interpreter that violates professional ethics.
[disturbance recrudesce] the Judd inside CNN mistranslate speaks

This one mistranslate appears when CNN14 day undertakes direct seeding. Inside when Judd uses Persia language to publish an address, lieutenant general of CNN spot direct seeding " the right that Iran has peace to use nuclear energy, such right is cannot strip " , translate erroneously for " Iran has authority to develop nuclear connecting with the boxing skill " . The CNN senior correspondent that is born in Iran overcomes Lisidian Amanpuer as it happens also is in at that time direct seeding spot. [make the same score hard furious] card of reporter of Iranian revoke CNN

17 days of morning, a statement of Iranian culture and Mohammedan direct department says, because CNN violated professional ethics in the report, because this this news orgnaization is stationed in Iran the reporter card of all reporters is all already by revoke, also will issue reporter card to them again henceforth. Nevertheless, this statement still says, whether will Iranian government call in according to its expressional decision henceforth order already issued. [lose face] CNN apologizes to Iran at this point

CNN17 day morning makes a statement, serious interpreter mistake appears to express an apology to Iranian government when reporting with respect to its Neigude speaks. This statement that the headquarters that is set in American Atlanta from CNN issues says, CNN passes his all platform, include international channel, United States channel and its website Xiang Yilang government and delegate of Iranian permanent U.N. express regret greatly, but prohibit to Iranian government its reporter continues to be engaged in news activity expressing disappointment in Iran. In the meantime, the translation firm of personnel of this oral interpretation already also checked service at this point CNN undertook an apology. [give the wrongdoer a way out] Neigude cancels to ban a ban

Culture of Iran of 17 days of requirements and Mohammedan direct department cancel Iranian president Neigude to pursue the ban of news activity in Yi churchyard to CNN reporter. Neigude says, when this age bound, it is very important to the information communication between each country that accurate information travels, although CNN violated the professional ethics of press in the report, but apologize publicly already considering its, should allow this orgnaization reporter to continue to undertake news activity in Iranian churchyard. [the sound outside region] Iranian people supports Neigude
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