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Check of pay of Shanghai of all kinds position: Does leg unplug post whistle un
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Shanghai labor and near future of social security bureau announced 2005 year price of guidance of pay of newest hour worker, translate kind of position to reside head of a list of names posted up high as before. Release this increased price of guidance of pay of 20 hours worker newly still, basically center in fitness kind, sales promotion kind, meal kind, act art kind teach with culture kind, coach of training of the member that sell like the phone, body, jujitsu coach and coach of integrated model waist.

Translate kind of position high pay as before

All sorts of international that hold in Shanghai nowadays can be exhibited, business affairs activity is more and more frequent, also rise subsequently to translating the demand of kind of talent, of the talent rare be short of make translate kind of position high pay as before. If simultaneous interpretation is day-to-day,pay tall digit can amount to 7000 yuan, low digit also has 2500 yuan; Flower, Japanese kind firewood of day of high-level meeting oral interpretation is in 1500 -- 5000 yuan between, and the day firewood of general meeting oral interpretation is in 800 -- 2500 yuan between.

Fitness kind position " firewood " affection is valued

Outstanding fitness coach especially the gymnastical coach of a few popular items, become the target that numerous fitness place contends for, "Firewood " sentiment is natural better and better also. If footplate holds coach and the exalted number that use feeling bicycle train,all achieved 150 yuan / hour, rose respectively 50 yuan mix 30 yuan; And a few skill kind sports project, be like ping-pong coach, badminton coach, natant coach, be counted in perch and all is 10 on median - 20 yuan rise. The median of hourly income is the body train that increases newly 80 yuan, exalted number can be achieved horary 130 yuan, and jujitsu coach median is 100 yuan / hour.

Sales promotion kind go up position price is small raise

Photograph of Alexandrine half an year is compared, sales promotion kind the wage price of position all has rise. Tall digit of the member that be like cosmetic sales promotion grew 5 yuan, achieve 15 yuan / hour, food sales promotion member with beverage sales promotion member exalted number all rose 3 yuan, achieve 10 yuan / hour. And the occurrence of the member that the hour is versed in the phone is sold, it is the need that the unit stems from control labour cost and management. Data shows, its median price is 8 yuan / hour.

Act art kind position rises apparent

A lot of hotel side overweight are soft now of establishment rise, invite act art kind personnel builds atmosphere. Data shows, act art kind each position all have 20 in exalted number -- 30 yuan rise, number feels the perch that performs like drummer, guitar to go to 130 yuan high / hour, and piano is performed hold celebrity position as before, exalted number achieved 170 yuan / hour.

Suffer effect of supply demand relations, price of position of ethical musical instrument appears rise, and western musical instrument appears small wave motion. Like perch of ancient kite family education number achieves 190 yuan / hour, add 10 yuan slightly than first half of the year; And tall digit of family education of a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo is 130 yuan / hour, median is 60 yuan / hour, rise than first half of the year respectively 50 yuan mix 10 yuan. The tall digit of accordion family education in western musical instrument achieves 140 yuan / hour, rise 20 yuan; Median and low digit all rise 10 yuan, achieve 80 yuan to mix 40 yuan respectively; And because musical instrument of piano, electron and violin popularize a face wider, photograph of Alexandrine half an year is compared all dropped in median 20 yuan / hour.
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