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Classical English is gnomic 3000 (2)
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1479Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. The fact excels fiction mysteriously.
1480No Man Is Born Wise Or Learned. The person is not what be born and know.
1481No Man Is Content With His Lot. Feel contented to oneself circumstances without the person.
1482The Pot Calls The Kettle Black. Boiler disrelishs coal tub black. / duty person and not duty oneself.
1483Adversity Is A Good Discipline. Person of adversity harden oneself.
1484A Wilful Man Will Have His Way. Recalcitrant can succeed surely.
1485A Beggar Can Never Be Bankrupt. Beggar won't go bankrupt forever.
1486A Close Mouth Catches No Flies. Mouth is shut closely, fly flies to be not entered.
1487A Glass At Supper Is Not Amiss. Drink late a cup also just as well.
1488A Friend Is Known In Necessity. Adversity sees friendship.
1489A Great City, a Great Solitude. The city jumps over loneliness greatly more.
1490A Honey Tongue, a Heart Of Gall. If the mouth is sweet sweet person the heart is like bravery suffering.
1491A Lion At Home, a Mouse Abroad. The lion is resembled in the home, mice is become outside going out.
1492Without Learning. Without Eyes. Doing not have knowledge is the blind.
1493Work Won't Kill But Worry Will. Labor is harmless, sadness hurts a body.
1494The World Is His Who Enjoys It. The world belongs the person that has deep love for the world.
1495He That Is A Master Must Serve. Householder takes care for the family surely.
1496He Laughs Best Who Laughs Last. Whose have the last laugh, who laughs best.
1497Good Watch Prevents Misfortune. Keep one's eyes peeled won't encounter disaster.
1498Haste Trips Over Its Own Heels. Hurried meeting is blundered by his calcaneal. / busy in wrong.
1499Happiness Is A Form Of Courage. Happiness is a kind of form of courage.
1500Art Is Long, but Life Is Short. Life is finite, artistic and boundless.
1501Best To Bend While It's A Twig. The tree is become as a child nap.
1502Bear With Evil, and Expect Good. Evildoing wants to bear, the favour wants to wait.
1503He That Travels Far Knows Much. The wide person that swim, experience is much.
1504As A Man Sows So He Shall Reap. Kind melon gets melon, kind the beans gets a beans.
1505Extreme Right Is Extreme Wrong. The extreme is correct namely extreme mistake. / going too far as bad as not going far enough.
1506Example Is Better Than Precept. Teaching by one's own example excels teach by word of mouth.
1507Every Shoe Fits Not Every Foot. Cannot measure everything with a kind of measure only.
1508One Good Turn Deserves Another. Heart of Ying Yide newspaper.
1509Once A Beggar, always A Beggar. Do beggar, it is beggar forever.
1510Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Treat a disease be inferior to preventing disease.
1511Please All And You Please None. The person that want reach every aspect of a matter, area area does not arrive.
1512Plough Deeper And Harvest More. Spade husbandry, many dozens of army provisions.
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