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Classical English is gnomic 3000 (3)
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1679There Is No Royal Road To Learning. Seek knowledge without level road.
1680There Is No Disputing About Tastes. Savour without can argue. / person each has his likes and dislikes.
1681Speech Is Silver, siilennce Is Gold. Demosthenic be like silver, silent be like gold.
1682Success Belongs To The Persevering. Belong inexorable person successfully.
1683Strong In Action, gentle In Method. The action wants adamancy, means wants gentle.
1684Sometimes The Best Gain Is To Lose. Be in an unfavorable situation sometimes is the biggest petty gain.
1685So Many Countries, so Many Customs. Exotic and different common.
1686Vainglory Blossoms But Never Bears. Peacockish light blossoms, forever not result.
1687Truth's Best Ornament Is Nakedness. Dress up the secret of the truth is to be not added definitely conceal.
1688Never Fry A Fish Till It Is Caught. The fish was not caught in one's hand, do not want busy fry in shallow oil.
1689The Best Fish Swim Near The Bottom. The high mountain gives accipitral snipe, deep water hides good fish.
1690The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword. Yu Jian of benefit of style of writing.
1691The Least Said, the Soonest Mended. Say less, make concessions to avoid trouble.
1692All Bread Is Not Baked In One Oven. Biscuit is not bake in a cooking range come out. / should not importune uniform.
1693A Work Ill Done Must Be Twice Done. The job was not done good, ought to do afresh.
1694A Lawyer Never Goes To Law Himself. Him lawyer will never engage in a lawsuit.
1695A Great Fortune Is A Great Slavery. Wealth is great be put into trouble.
1696A Friend Is Easier Lost Than Found. The friend is broken easily not easy.
1697A Fool May Give A Wise Man Counsel. Fool also can is wisdom person give an idea. / I person 1000 Lv, surely one is get.
1698A Foul Morn May Turn To A Fair Day. The morning of haze can become fine by day.
1699A Cheerful Wife Is The Joy Of Life. Having a carefree wife is the joy of life.
1700A City That Parleys Is Half Gotten. The city of sue for peace is fallen already half.
1701A Book That Is Shut Is But A Block. If hide wood,the book is not read.
1702A Bride Is Diligent For Three Days. Marry son's wife newly 3 days diligent.
1703A Brother Is A Friend Given By God. Brother is god-given friend.
1704A Bad Beginning Makes A Bad Ending. Evil only then have surely evil eventually.
1705Whatever You Do, do With Your Might. Do which group no matter, want to endeavor to work.
1706An Empty Sack Cannot Stand Upright. Empty bag is difficult stand. / rational takes the world, unjustifiable can not move a step.
1707All True Love Is Founded On Esteem. Real love is based on esteem.
1708The World Belongs To The Energetic. The world is belonged to young person
1709The Wind Cannot Be Caught In A Net. Net catchs wind, make a futile effort.
1710You Can't Judge A Tree By Its Bark. Person cannot appearance photograph.
1711Wine And Judgement Mature With Age. Wine old taste is pure, person old sign is deep.
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