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11 influences language develops 9 ·
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New Words Coined After September 11
11 influences language develops 9 ·
Time Magazine Has Named Its Man Of The Year (ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani) , the United States Has Its Villain Of The New Century (Osama Bin Laden) And Now The American Dialect Society Is Getting Ready To Vote On Its Word Or Phrase Of The Year.
" times " magazine [choose] went out 2001 the United States [man of the time] -- before Zhulianni of new York mayor, the United States [the lock is decided] of new century [number one enemy] -- Aosama Ben Ladeng, the United States is dialectal nowadays association also not [unwilling and doleful] , preparing to undertake 2001 year United States [popular term] choose.
And While Cuddle Puddle (a Pile Of Ecstasy Users On The Floor) Is In The Running, the Smart Money Is Backing Phrases Like "Ground Zero" , "Let ' S Roll" , "9/11" , "September 11" , "Evil Doers" , "Terrible Tuesday" And "Post-September 11" As Likely Winners When Voting Takes Place On January 4 In A San Francisco Hotel At The Language Group ' S Annual Meeting.
Was on January 4 on the language association annual meeting that American san Francisco holds in a hotel, the new term 2001 " Cuddle Puddle (the dope of group) " [although selected] the possibility of 10[craze vocabulary is very large] , but more people or support " Ground Zero " (remains of center of trade pointing to a world) , " Let ' S Roll " (" we begin the operation! " ) [in 11 incident of *9 · , 93 times the passenger on the airliner and unit staff call beautiful couplet boat gave this word. Make the weapon of horrible assault to do not let a plane, they and hijacker undertook life-and-death fights, final prang in guest evening standard Ni Yazhou those thises fort outskirts *] , " 9 · 11 " , " September 11 " (on September 11) , " Evil Doers " (terrorist) , " Terrible Tuesday " (black Tuesday) [* shows the United States met with on September 11, 2001 horrible assault.
While Previous Years Have Celebrated Such Phrases As "millennium Bug" , "Y2K" , "E-commerce" And "chads" , the Language Mavens Studying 2001 Are As Consumed With The September 11 Attacks On The World Trade Centre And The Pentagon.
The popular term 2000 [include] " Millennium Bug " (computer Y2k virus) , " Y2K " (the Christian era 2000, y2k) , " E-commerce (electronic business affairs) " and " Chads " (aperture bits) [* points to 2000 American president general election plan bill is troubled, the aperture on vote did not hit good *] , [But study] according to language expert, the popular vocabulary 2001 results from mostly the horrible assault incident of the world trade building that will happen on September 11 and the Pentagon.
The Dialect Society ' S Website Has Nominated More Than 20 Words And Phrases, including Some That Appeared In Print Maybe Once Or Twice Like "Osamaniac" (a Woman Sexually Attracted To Osama Bin Laden) .
American dialectal association [ascend on its own webpage] await 20 times select term and word group, include the term that has appeared 9 times in the journal only among them, for instance " Osamaniac ([mad love] Ben Ladeng's female) " .
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