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The American the Declaration of Independence of classical short story
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Mainland conference (on July 4, 1776) the Declaration of Independence that 13 cities pass the United States of America consistently
When In The Course Of Human Events, it Becomes Necessary For One People To Dissolve The Political Bands Which Have Connected Them With Another, and To Assume Among The Powers Of The Earth, the Separate And Equal Station To Which The Laws Of Nature And Of Nature's God Entitle Them, a Decent Respect To The Opinions Of Mankind Requires That They Should Declare The Causes Which Impel Them To The Separation.
In the development process of concerned mankind general affairs, must remove to its and another politics between the nation are contacted and be between world each country when a nation law of according to nature and sacred intention, when accepting independence and equal position, piece at the esteem to human public opinion, must the reason that must become independent them gives announce.
We Hold These Truths To Be Self-evident, that All Men Are Created Equal, that They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Unalienable Rights, that Among These Are Life, liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness. - - That To Secure These Rights, governments Are Instituted Among Men, deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed, - - That Whenever Any Form Of Government Becomes Destructive Of These Ends, it Is The Right Of The People To Alter Or To Abolish It, and To Institute New Government, laying Its Foundation On Such Principles And Organizing Its Powers In Such Form, as To Them Shall Seem Most Likely To Effect Their Safety And Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will Dictate That Governments Long Established Should Not Be Changed For Light And Transient Causes; And Accordingly All Experience Hath Shewn, that Mankind Are More Disposed To Suffer, while Evils Are Sufferable, than To Right Themselves By Abolishing The Forms To Which They Are Accustomed. But When A Long Train Of Abuses And Usurpations, pursuing Invariably The Same Object Evinces A Design To Reduce Them Under Absolute Despotism, it Is Their Right, it Is Their Duty, to Throw Off Such Government, and To Provide New Guards For Their Future Security. , Such Has Been The Patient Sufferance Of These Colonies; And Such Is Now The Necessity Which Constrains Them To Alter Their Former Systems Of Government. The History Of The Present King Of Great Britain [George III] Is A History Of Repeated Injuries And Usurpations, all Having In Direct Object The Establishment Of An Absolute Tyranny Over These States. To Prove This, let Facts Be Submitted To A Candid World.
We think below these truths are self-evident: Everybody is unripe and equal, demiurgic person gift they a certain number of rights that cannot strip, include life power, free authority and the right that seek happiness among them. To guarantee these rights, the mankind just establishs a government between them, and legitimate power of the government, be classics of the person that be administered agree and arise. Provide to these targets when the government of any forms when destroying effect, people has influence to change or abolish it, in order to establish a new government; Its go back on its word with the principle that lay a foundation, its organize the means of influence, make sure people thinks to just obtain their safety and happiness the most possibly so only. For discreet for the purpose of, establish old government, be ought not to by at slight give with brief account of change. All experience in the past also explain, any affliction, if still can be borne, human Dou Ning wishs to tolerate, and abolish for the rights and interests of itself innocently they are long already accustomed government. But, when angle a person of extraordinary powers seizes a chain of misuse of authority of same target and extortion to happen for a long time, proof government purpose makes people buy Wu Zhuan regnant under when, so people has the right, accountability also topple this government, the safety that did not come for them establishs new safeguard -- the circumstance that this is these colony past resign oneself to adversity, also be they must be changed now previously the reason of governmental system. The history of current Britannic king, be consecutive grossly unjust the history that seizes with extortion a person of extraordinary powers, the sole aim of these violence, want to establish arbitrary despotic rule in these cities namely. Belong to to prove a character solid, announce following fact to just world now:
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