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English name poem admires analyse - If if
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If if
If You Can Keep Your Head When All About You
Are Losing Theirs And Blaming It On You;
If You Can Trust Yourself When All Men Doubt You,
But Make Allowance For Their Doubting Too;
If You Can Wait And Not Be Tired By Waiting,
Or, being Lied About, don't Deal In Lies,
Or, being Hated, don't Give Way To Hating,
And Yet Don't Look Too Good, nor Talk Too Wise;
If You Can Dream - And Not Make Dreams Your Master;
If You Can Think - And Not Make Thoughts Your Aim;
If You Can Meet With Triumph And Disaster
And Treat Those Two Impostors Just The Same;
If You Can Bear To Hear The Truth You've Spoken
Twiseted By Knaves To Make A Trap For Fools,
Or Watch The Things You Gave Your Life To Broken,
And Stoop And Build 'em Up With Wornout Tools;
If You Can Make One Heap Of All Your Winnings
And Risk It On One Turn Of Pitch-and-toss,
And Lose, and Start Again At Your Beginnings
And Never Breathe A Word About Your Loss;
If You Can Force Your Heart And Nerve And Sinew
To Serve Your Turn Long After They Are Gone,
And So Hold On When There Is Nothin In You
Except The Will Which Says To Them:" Hold On! ";
If You Can Talk With Crowds And Keep Your Virtue,
Or Walk With Kings -nor Lose The Common Touch;
If Neither Foes Nor Loving Friends Can Hurt You;
If All Men Count With You, but None Too Much;
If You Can Fill The Unforgiving Minute
With Sixty Second' Worth Of Distance Run -
Yours Is The Earth And Everything That's In It,
And - Which Is More - You'll Be A Man My Son!
If everybody loses reason, curse you,
You still can carry brains state;
If everybody suspects you,
You still can be certain oneself, let all suspicion shake;
If you want to await, do not want to bore accordingly,
Humanness place is cheated, do not deceive people accordingly,
Humanness place is hated, do not want to have a gnawing regret accordingly,
Not too hopeful, not self-righteous;
If you are a person that pursue a dream -- not by dream dictate;
If you are a person that love ponders over -- light misses target of meeting short of;
If you encounter pride and setback
Both when cheater look upon;
If you can be borne, you ever said the fact that pass
By rascally twist, cheat fool with Yu Meng;
Look at you to be destroyed with the thing that goes hospitaling nurse for a whole life,
Next Fu body, repair it with tattered tool;
After if be in,you win countless laurel '
Dash forward the danger that the peak that receive jolt drops,
After failing, stage a comeback,
Do not blame your failure;
If you can force yourself,
After people goes, stand fast for a long time position,
Deserted already in your heart none '