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English name poem admires analyse - green pride
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The Pride Of Youth
Green proud Huaerde Sigete
Proud Maisie Is In The Wood,
Walking So Early;
Sweet Robin Sits On The Bush,
Singing So Rarely.
"Tell Me, thou Bonny Bird,
When Shall I Marry Me? When Shall I Marry Me??
- " When Six Braw Gentlemen
Kirkward Shall Carry Ye. Kirkward Shall Carry Ye..
"Who Makes The Bridal Bed,
Birdie, say Truly? Say Truly??
- " The Gray-headed Sexton
That Delves The Grave Duly.
"The Glowworm O ' Er Grave And Stone
Shall Light Thee Steady;
The Owl From The Steeple Sing,
Welcome, proud Lady. Proud Lady..
Proud Mei Ximan between pace forest,
Stepping on first sun rays in the morning;
Bright bluebird perch covert,
Sing sweetly.
"Tell me, beautiful bird,
Which months year does my where wear trousseau? " -
"When person of 6 funeral and interment
Carry the cathedral on you. Carry the cathedral on you..
"Who spreads new bed for me?
Good bird, not lie. " -
"Issue of white hair department, hold <> concurrently dig coffin pit,
By accident not your bridal chamber. By accident not your bridal chamber..
"Firebug is faint sparkle,
Enlighten your graveyard, funereal,
Owl will sing loudly in tower needle:
Welcome you, haughty girl. "