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Classical English is gnomic 3000 (6)
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2679That Which Was Bitter To Endure May Be Sweet To Remember. Hardships aftertaste is sweet at that time.
2680No Man Is So Old, but Thinks He May Yet Live Another Year. The person is living hundred years do not disrelish much.
2681The Strong Slways Succeeds; The Weakest Goes To The Wall. Strong person often succeeds the person of; weakness often fails.
2682My Motto Is: Contented With Little, yet Wishing For More. My maxim is:  Wen show off is bad be stupefied? but the hope has more.
2683You Can't Build A Reputation On What You Are Going To Do. You cannot rely on the thing that you claim to will be done to build reputation.
2684Youth Is A Blunder; Manhood A Struggle; Old Age A Regret. Young rash and careless, middleaged struggle old age of more than; regrets boundless.
2685All Human Wisdom Is Summed Up In Two Words-wait And Hope. The mankind all wisdom are OK end is two----Await and hope.
2686What's The Use Of Running When You Are On The Wrong Road? The route goes wrong, does ran have again why to use?
2687Have A Horse Of Thine Own And Thou Mayest Borrow Another. After oneself have a horse, ability can borrow a horse to others.
2688Happiness Is The Interval Between Periods Of Unhappiness. Happiness is the intermittence between period of two paragraphs of unfortunate blessing.
2689He That Gains Well And Spends Well Needs No Account Book. Earn floriferous appropriate person not need account this.
2690He That Speaks Sows, and He That Holds His Peace Gathers. The person that dash along sows next seeds, close a mouth not character person harvest crop.
2691He That Would Have Eggs Must Endure The Cackling Of Hens. Want to eat an egg to not be fed up with hen cluck.
2692Better Be A Poor Man's Darling Than A Rich Man's Warling. Meet with with its wealthy person detest and reject, be inferior to marrying a poor to be wife.
2693Fortune Is Good To Him Who Knows To Make Good Use Of Her. Know the talented person that uses blessing has good fortune.
2694Experience Is The Father Of Wisdom And Memory The Mother. Experience is intellectual father, memory is intellectual mother.
2695Experience Keeps No School; She Teachs Her Pupils Singly. Experience is not taught by the school, personal practice just gets.
2696If The Tiller Is Industrious, the Farmland Is Productive. The person is diligent the ground is not lazy.
2697Education Is A Progressive Discovery Of Ourown Ignorance. Education is the process with progressively him ignorant discovery.
2698Kind Words Bring Life, but Cruel Words Crush Your Spirit. Thoughtful speech can bring warmth to the life, and harsh one's words can make a person demoralized.
2699Justice Is All-conquering;truth Is Placed Above Anything. Just invincible, truth prep above everything.
2700Know Something Of Everything And Everything Of Something. Connect 100 art and essence of life at one.
2701Industry Is Fortune's Right Hand, and Frugality Her Left. Mix sparely assiduous it is fortunate right-hand man.
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