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Classical English is gnomic 3000 (5)
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2329Great Ideas Need Landing Gear As Well As Wings. Great mind needs landing gear, also need Shuang Yi.
2330Happiness Is Being Married To Your Best Friend. With oneself best friend marries is to call happy.
2331He That Will Thrive Must Ask Leave Of His Wife. Want get rich becomes rich, have to the wife agrees.
2332Fate Leads The Willing But Drives The Stubborn. The person that be obedient to is gotten to be worn by the destiny, obdurate person the move that be driven by the destiny goes.
2333Friendship Is Like Wine---The Older The Better. Friendship resembles beautiful wine, jump over Chen Yue full-bodied.
2334Each Of Us Is The Accumulation Of Our Memories. Our everybody is the accumulation that we remember.
2335If The Brain Sows Not Corn, it Plants Thistles. The thought resembles open country, do not sow commissariat to grow bramble.
2336It Is As Well To Know Which Way The Wind Blows. Had better know wind is blown toward wh which direction. / whosoever understands the times is a great man.
2337It Is Hard To Laugh And Cry Both With A Breath. The person cries very hard to laugh again namely at the same time.
2338It's Not The Gay Coat That Makes The Gentleman. Gentleman is in heart be absent the garment.
2339It Matters Not How A Man Dies, but How He Lives. How does a person not matter to death, important is how to be born.
2340If One Receives A Plun, one Must Return A Peach. Exchange gifts.
2341I Wept When I Was Born, and Every Day Shows Why. Pinch of life road hardship, pardonable baby is born to cry. / we are born, cry more than, why such, life knows oneself.
2342How Do You Understand Misfortune? ----Giving In. What are you to unfortunate understanding? ---Succumb.
2343Humour Must Have Its Background Of Seriousness. Humour must be setting with gravity.
2344I Cannot Be Your Friend And Your Flatterer Too. I cannot make your friend already, make your encomiast again.
2345Hypocrisy Is A Homage That Vice Pays To Virtue. Goody it is evil to be apt to respect.
2346 May The Best Of This Year Be The Worst Of Next. I wish next year worst thing also is mixed best this year thing is so good.
2347Love Victory, but Despise The Pride Of Triumph. Want to love a victory, but do not want for the victory pride.
2348Catch Not At The Shadow And Lose The Substance. Do not catch shadow and lose essence.
2349Conceited [=ingenious] Goods Are Quickly Spent. Flowery goods, not via using.
2350Choose A Life Of Action, not One Of Ostentation. Want to choose the lifetime of the action, is not the lifetime that show off.
2351Choose A Wife Rather By Your Ear Than Your Eye. Choose a wife, use an eye with ear comparing reliable.
2352Choose Neither A Woman Nor Linen By Candlelight. Do not choose wife or underwear below candle power.
2353Critics Are Like Brushers Of Noblemen's Clothes. Commenter is just like a groom, for the dirt on dress of VIP brush away.
2354Courtesy Is The Inseparable Companion Of Virtue. Courtesy and goodness are the spouse that does not divide.
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