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Classical English is gnomic 3000 (1)
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Time Flies. Time is like an arrow.
Time Is Life. Time is life.
Times Change. The times is being changed.
Time Is Money. Time is money.
Life Is Sweet. Life is good.
Love Is Blind. Love is blind.
Extremes Meet. Polar be interlinked, have without unripe.
Person of Like Knows Like knows his kind.
Let Well Alone. Do not want ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous. / the issue is successful already, need not do more.
Marry Thy Like. Marry must seek congener person.
One Man, no Man. The individual is insignificant.
Hsitory Is Bunk. The history is one caboodle gibberish.
Time Marches On. If years flows
Murder Will Out. Evildoing can disclose eventually.
Never Say "die' . Do not say " was over forever " .
Care Is No Cure. Worry cannot treat disease.
Beware Beginning. Careful only then to go up.
Deeds, not Words. The action is excelled theoretic.
No Mill, no Meal. Do not wear a face, do not have a meal to eat.
Like Begets Like. Long Shenglong, feng Shengfeng.
Love Begets Love. Photograph love love is unripe.
In Doing We Learn. We learn in work.
No Cross, no Crown. Without affliction, cannot get Rong Guan.
Care Killed A Cat. Worry can commit murder.
Boys Will Be Boys. The boy always is a boy.
No Song, no Supper. Do not exert oneself, must not feed.
The Truth Will Out. The truth always is met become known.
Time Works Wonders. Time can create a miracle.
To Think Is To See. Think even if understand.
Truth Will Prevail. The truth surelies win
A Lie Begets A Lie. Crammer lays fairy tale.
Years Bring Wisdom. Age brings wisdom.
In Love Is No Lack. Love won't feel shortage.
Easy Come, easy Go. Will easily go. / be contrary to piece.
Every Little Helps. The a bit is useful.
Forgive And Forget. Extensive great magnanimouses, do not read aloud old grievance.
Manners Maketh Man. Bearing creates character.
Laugh And Grow Fat. Laugh and grow fat.
Knowledge Is Power. Knowledge is force.
Let The World Slide. The world vicissitudes of life, let matters drift.
Love Me, love My Dog. Love me.
Life Means Struggle. Live even if struggle.
Fair Play's A Jewel. Match style is good, surpass gem.
Early Sow, early Mow. Plant early, close early.
Grasp All, lose All. Corrupt break surely more.
What's Lost Is Lost. The person that break cannot regain.
Waste Not, want Not. Not wasteful, won't poor.
Tomorrow Never Comes. Do not depend on tomorrow. / I am unripe await tomorrow, all things becomes waste time.
No Man Is Infallible. Do not make a mistake without the person.
Alms Never Make Poor. Almsgiving is poor not person.
Love Will Find A Way. Love place comes, inscriptions is.
Manners Make The Man. Bearing sees character.
Patience Is A Virtue. It is a kind of goodness restrainedly.
Pity Is Akin To Love. Give birth to love sympathetically.
Call A Spade A Spade. It is what says what, offensive do not be afraid of.
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