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Prattle English: Two have apparently wrong Ying Yizhong
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On each English study forum, often the netizen takes out sentence of a few English, ask other netizen to help an interpreter become Chinese, accordingly this is planted " flower in breaking up " the card has a lot of everyday. I discover, netizens are very candid, the translation that discovers another person than consistent individual has a mistake, general metropolis fine long hair points out impolitely, draw up oneself think correct translation. The closest nevertheless two days, I go up in two forum, see two have apparently wrong Chinese translation respectively, do not have a person to point out not only, return somebody even approve of, accordingly I want to keep a post, talk about these two wrong translation simply. See the first word please above all:

This Email, including Four Attachments, may Include Confidential Information.

Its means: This seals mail, include 4 its accessory, contain confidential information probably (namely 5 files include confidential information) possibly. A so simple word, some netizens translate into actually: This seals mail, the likelihood includes 4 accessory, contain confidential information possibly also. You look, the meaning is completely wrong. Why can you make this kind of mistake? Because,I estimate is: In a sentence, appeared early or late two identical verbs (Include) , do these netizens muddleheaded. According to Englishism, the first Include is present participle, as attribute, use got-up Email, the 2nd Include is the predicate verb of this word, it is the core of this word, and the predicate verb that these netizens think this word has two to stand side by side erroneously, have two paratactic core. So I say, be in " flower in breaking up " before, must understand English truly, understand the function of each parts, translate into accurate Chinese again next. Continue to see the 2nd word please below:

I Cannot Recommend This Book Too Strongly For Java Programmers.

Some netizens are this word interpreter: I cannot recommend this book strongly to Java programmer. At first sight, it is right that translation is like, meaning as it happens is actually contrary! The true means of this word: (This book is too good, accordingly) I must recommend this book strongly to Java programmer. These netizens understand a mistake, I see main reason is " interpret without real understanding " , see Cannot, think this word is negative, actually Cannot and Too use consecutively, just is affirmative. In English, similar case seems to still have a few, for instance Cannot and But use consecutively, also be the meaning that conveys affirmation, read an illustrative sentence please:

I Cannot But Tell A Lie. (Wrong: I cannot lie. Correct: I must lie)

Be being planted to this is negative apparently, the phrase that is affirmation actually, abecedarian must special attention, lest carry the true meaning of talking person,turned over. Additional, above these two words, if want to convey negative meaning really, we should change Cannot Can't only, delete Too and But again, OK, look please:
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